The Uniqueness of Intelligent Life

Denaerde revealed in his books a contradiction:

  • All matter, the matter distribution in the universes everywhere, but also with respect to the twelve universe, is the same and more or less congruent. Matter is implied as matter and anti-matter respectively to the universe and anti-universe. The outlook of the heavenly sky from any point in the ‘sky’ in our cosmos is the same for every one of the twelve universes.
  • Intelligent life according to the Creation from the Nothing is unique. It can mean according to Denaerde if an intelligent race goes through the cycle of life via matter and it enters Heaven then its acquisitions as a race are unique and secondly, life of an intelligent being is always unique in its experiences. Nowhere identical experiences for life of an individual exist.

According to the first statement the extreme consequence is that Earth has eleven other appearances around eleven other stars equal to the sun. Statistically all DNA for flora and fauna and even of humans should be the same for all the 12 situations. Molecular distributions based on statistics comply to a high degree with this statement. So it seems that denial of above statement is futile. The conclusion is correct, the laws of nature according to the pyramid theory dictate the clockwork universes and at first consideration uniqueness is not an option.

A similar outcome one finds in the evolution theory. Also all theories based on general relativity and quantum mechanics determine that the free will of an individual can only be seen as a pseudo choice.

Many essays in philosophy are trying to contradict this intuitively wrong view for intelligent life. It may be easy or it may not be, for the debate hinges on the driving force for the survival of the fittest. The more intelligent the individual the higher in hierarchy of the social group one may rise in the animal kingdom of human life. The definition of intelligence embraces the arts, music, writing, sciences etc. etc.

May be by slightly modifying of the evolution theory and adapt it to the hypothesis of the conjugated quantum field of gravity, containing and maintaining all information in empty space driven by the weak dark matter ‘vacuum’ then the concept of a clockwork universe driving the laws of nature can be cancelled and the idea of eternal creativity could replace it.

The eternal or infinite creativity as a fundamental issue driving our cosmos is more than an idea of all information stored in the quantum structure of empty space. It all depends how all information as a history of experiences is in relation to the unknown, the future of new experiences. Certainly the clockwork universes as such cannot be denied. It seems the outcome of all observations in the sciences.

So how can it be different and how can above contradiction be understood? The answer has to be in the binding of the Nothing, the creation from infinite contradicting possibilities, the balance of the Nothing.

In all its simplicity, if the creation of the clockwork universe is contained in the binding of the Nothing then still other infinite contradictions are available. It is absolute correct for it is contained and conserved in the Nothing. It is not some silly syllogism.

May be a following explanation offers some help. Say all rational mathematic procedures to formulate all logics containing the infinite and its inverse are contained in the binding of the Nothing. Then the irrational or indefinable infinities have to be conserved in the binding. In other words outside the clockwork there exists something indefinable. It has to be the principle of infinity of the Nothing. It is the discussion in the next blog about duality of our cosmos.

In accepting the principle of infinity driving beyond the clockwork of the laws of nature, it is not difficult to imagine the existence of the free will or the uniqueness of man. The metaphor of the prime integers belonging to the infinite series of natural numbers symbolizes the uniqueness of man up till infinity.

For the free will of man the freedom to choose cannot be without any consequences. In one extreme it means a sociopath or psychopath (or a group of) have free reign to destroy, while caring and love are the binding elements for humans opposing the extreme.

In consequence the meta physics of the principle of infinity is dualistic. Like the free will it contains opposing extremes. The Supreme Intelligence opposes Himself in the Creation Ex Nihilio. Still it is an infinite driving Force which can only be embraced in the clockwork of the laws of nature, the objectivity of rational asymptotic infinity. The universes are finite in size and infinite in time due to the internal acceleration in the matters, the conclusion of the pseudo vector theory in BK1.

Comment, weak ‘vacuum’, the pseudo vector medium for quantum gravity, pseudo vector e-neutrino medium and dark matter are all the same terms for the mediation between charged matter known to us and the empty space defined by Einstein’s general relativity theory as a geometric continuum. Over years of progressive understanding the terms were closing in to a definitive point, the ‘vacuum’ around our matter mediated by pseudo vector electron neutrinos not sensitive to any photons.

Download in A4 format: UNIQUENESS OF LIFE

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