The Question of Guilt, Absolution of Sinns

No sex in the matter Heaven. Obviously not in the immaterial Heaven The Christian statement or dogma that Jesus as ambassador of Heaven the sinns of mankind takes up upon Himself is the issue.

Firsts contemplation: The Original Sinn

Seen in the light of Denaerde’s revelations that Christ as the Godly spark of the principle of Neighbourly Love had to born twenty centuries too early, the Original Sinn might be viewed differently from the dogma’s Jewish and Christian tradition which is not stating that the religious dogma’s should be scrapped, far from it.

However one may wonder? Namely in case Christ was born too early then mankind ploughed on without having an inkling what was ever the purpose of our existence, socially and psychologically and scientific knowledge was not developed as it is at present. Then a revelation of mankind in the coming future makes more sense than twenty centuries ago therefore suffering and slaughtering between our own continued. It is that period embracing the mankind’s evolution that is meant as the Original Sinn and then Yes, we as a proud not very Godly obedient race accept that the Original Sinn is not entirely our own stupidity and ignorance but humbly might except that the Sinn of mankind might be forgiven by Heaven.

Second contemplation: the question of guilt

Viewed from the context of the Great Rising after a thousand years which also means the question of guilt may only contemplated from the ’end state’ for the two kinds of Heaven, black holes in which a completed Intelligent race withdraws.

In the time Christ lived no commissions of truth existed in which victims of say terrorists in general defined as groups who are for whatever reason, religious, ideals are raped or murdered etc, in short aggressors, who want to revolutionize societies or countries at costs of the innocence ‘s. So the commission of truth is probably also a social process that after the Great Rising can be used and it is therefore more or less incorporated at the question of guilt in antiquity. By the phenomena of the commissions of truth the most complex aspects of the question of guilt can be treated but a second aspect of the question of guilt embraces the biologic aspect the sex drive in mankind accompanied sometimes by all suffering and unpleasantness of it.

Thus here a distinction can be made in dividing the question of guilt which did not exist during Jesus’ time. The biologic question of guilt is some straight forward reasoning. Namely as Denaerde stated, the group Anti Christ takes up the biologic settlement of guilt. The Great Rising represents that the procreation has been ended, human nature is different after arising from death. All those submitting to Christ, the principle of altruistic or neighbouring love will become gender neutral but the male and female character is conserved in first instance. Only ‘mind merging’ seems the option to a higher state of mind we all have to realize and a long time taking process during which Jesus accompanied us.

Thus the question is why in matter Heaven sex between golems as the “creatures of heaven” is excluded? The group of intelligent conscious beings are not allowed to gloat over and peep at the copulation creatures not only by natural but also in unnatural positions. Although Denaerde stated that the those adhering to “Anti Christ” rejecting creation, have no sex drive they can still gloat at seeing the ‘others’ copulating after the Rising.

Download in format A4:  Original Sinn

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