Duality of Infinities

One of the driving reasons to understand the fundamental issue of the creation from the nothing is that it embraces the class of all infinities and those of the inverse, the enigma of zero but it also generates the inherent duality of our cosmos.

Let us have a simple example to show what is meant by the class of infinities. The natural numbers, the integers, have a class for the infinite even numbers and another for its primes and many more distinctions are possible. In the sense of mathematics the class of infinities can be defined completely. However one has to prove that it is not the entire class containing all infinities. In other words one can distinguish the rational class of infinities determined by all logics in the sense of mathematics and still there should be a class of indefinable infinities.

The last class should be the most important one because it firmly points to the meta physics of the creation from the nothing. Obviously if the 3D-phase space of time is valid as a fundamental theory in physics then human intelligence is confronted with a clock work universe. It shows much more than in the present-day theories that the laws of nature do not allow the existence of infinite creativity. Despite the laws of quantum mechanics (entanglement) and the most sophisticated developments in the evolution theory, it is determined that mankind cannot be unique (uniqueness of the individual) or man cannot have a free will, except cater for some pseudo free will.

All these philosophic questions are discredited by the clockwork cosmos or the clock work universes. It does not seem possible to defy the outcome of these lessons in meta physics. On the other hand this pessimistic contradiction (intuitively) can be resolved in the statement that the binding of the nothing only was limited by the rational infinity to which the limit of the creation of the nothing belonged too. However the indefinable infinities are still conserved by the binding.

In case this reasoning is valid, one can define the principle of infinity as the all embracing force contained inherently in the clock work universes or the laws of nature. This principle is the class of all indefinable infinities. The character of the principle is dualistic because the class belongs to the nothing. It are the infinite opposing possibilities of the nothing. The clock work universe is defined by opposing directions in time, the three dimensional phase space of time for the twelve universes. The matter and the anti-matter universe have opposing time directions generating the duality for gravity.

Note 1: If can be proven that the class of rational infinities is finite then the principle of non-definable infinities is valid. It defines the existence of the absolute dual infinity. Consequently the uniqueness of man (individual) expressed by the existence of free will, is correct and beyond doubt. The second consequence is that due to the finite class of rational infinities, the irreversible could be created. Most likely, without the finite rational infinities the Big Bang could not have come into being. The laws of nature belong to the clockwork universe as the class of rational infinities for every intelligent being and he has the right to choice objectively for eternal life, matter bound heaven or immaterial heavenly life.

Note 2: The here discussed indefinable infinity can be related to the developments in mathematics and the science of logic over the past centuries. The progress around the 1930th in this field came from the eminencies of Bertrand Russell, Whitehead, Wittgenstein and Gödel culminating in Russell’s paradox and Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. Both breakthroughs and the later studies determine that the indefinable infinity is beyond the grasp of mathematics and the logic procedures by uncomprehending our (human) reality.


In the Bk1 chap 4, ‘the pseudo vector driven vacuum’ it is shown that by taking out the symmetry of electric charge conjugation for the three fundamental symmetries, charge, time and parity in nature that the everything, matter as well as empty space has to be symmetric in all its manifestations. Consequently the existence of a not directly observable manifests itself. It is the mediating medium, the medium of pseudo vector e-neutrinos determining the possibility of existence of a conjugated gravity independent of the normal matter (anti-matter) and normal gravity. The existence of this pseudo vector medium can be revealed by experiment. Namely in Bk1 chap 2 it is shown that symmetry swaps of the electric charge for the theory determine four neutral charged matters based on opposing directions of time due to alternating acceleration within matter( protons, electrons and neutron as combination and the anti’s) itself. These matters, two normal and two anti matters represent the finite opposing infinities giving rise to two gravities in one universe for either matter or anti matter universe, all symmetries are maintained without symmetry breaking as the fundamental principle in present-day theoretical physics .

Thus there are two independent processes for infinities each embracing the all infinity. All mathematical infinities and that of the laws of nature, the clock work universes but also all thee indefinable infinities belong to the definition of the ‘overall infinity’. In the sense of metaphysics it means there are two infinities based on the same laws of nature which have to balance each other, apparently giving away to the infinite indefinable. In other words it is the duality of infinity which naturally is consistent with the creation ex nihilio defined as the creation of all infinite opposing potentials. Therefore the free will cannot be adhered to one of the definable infinities that make up the laws of nature. Human intelligence is non-determined and the free will has to be either a priori in existence to our cosmos or a consequence of the blocking of the creation from the nothi

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