The All Embracing Principle of Neighbourly Love

Some notes only

In first instance altruistic love or neighbourly love is separated from Jesus Christ, although according to biblical gospel and the Denaerde’s revelations that altruistic love belongs to Him and should be understood as the spark igniting mankind experiencing true altruistic love. As is said without acquaintance of Him one is not able to experience the full significance of neighbourly love. In short Jesus represents the Love Pole of altruistic love.

The principle of infinite neighbourly love and the reflection manifestation of this replaces the idea of the infinity God’s by saying that God, the origin has excluded Himself from the infinite creativity of our consciousness by the reality of our cosmos or the universes. The Divinity transformed into the Trinity as from the dogma of the Christian gospel may be understood. So by the sacrifice of the Father, the transcendence of Himself, He was excluded from conscious experience. The last might mean the conscious of Himself, all alone into his Own, which seems a contradiction to the understanding of consciousness. Then the consciousness God’s as infinity transforms in some other consciousness beyond Himself, the duality of Sons, to which the duality of the Nothing must be reckoned.

The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost represents the principle of neighbourly or altruistic love by which the Holy Spirit represents the immaterial evolutionary process or plan, objective and rational to prevent eternal suffering. So far understood eternal suffering belongs to the collective of individuals or groups within mankind. The Holy Ghost may be seen as a living spirit not conscious to Himself embracing mankind and evolving during the course of mankind to the goal, the access to the Heavens. Or said differently the Holy Spirit represents the progress of the absolute and objective knowledge of God’s creation increasing gradually to the completion of the goal. The Holy Spirit represents creative intelligence, explaining in rational sense but not emotionally the principle of altruistic love. In itself the principle of neighbourly love is a perpetual mystery that no individual or the collective of the ‘merging mind’ of mankind can grasp or understand but it is anchored in the fabric of space and time governed by the laws of nature.

The duality and the opposite of the principle of altruistic love is the Anti Pole, as the reflection manifestation of this principle which in all its infinity contracts in matter, the matter Heaven. So the goal of humanity appears to be the immaterial creative process of the formation of Holy Spirit of mankind as the companion for the matter Heaven preventing in the end eternal suffering in that Heaven. The unique character of mankind represents the refection manifestation of the principle of altruistic love to become the Holy Spirit of mankind.

From the point of view of eternity the definition of the reflection manifestation is unchangeable. The problem is the formation of the intelligence of the Anti Pole, embracing groups of ego’s, during the evolution of mankind or any intelligent race in general. The complementary conclusion is that the infinity Gods’ transcendences into the infinity of neighbourly love by bonding to the objective laws of nature. Therefore it is valid that every intelligent being in the future has the freedom of choice to which ‘Pole’ he/she attaches him/ herself. Apparently this process is such that the ratio of about one in ten thousand, most of us chose to altruistic love governing the immaterial Heaven as I-consciousness while in matter Heaven only a small group of ego’s has an eternal I-consciousness.

The other point is that by the objective laws of nature is meant that every intelligent being will have access to grasp the entire the laws of nature, the formation of matter in all its aspects and possibly all its immaterial consequences. Obviously because in the end all mankind is involved in the formation of our solar system into the matter Heaven. The knowledge of nature, biologically and by physics must be seen as a future process of simplification of which at present the law of nature appear to be too complicated.

To the Anti Christ the principle of altruistic love is of zero validity. So the infinite mystery for the one is nothing to the other. It makes the reflection manifestation a free parameter in the sense that the Holy Spirit of mankind is the condition for the creative power within the matter Heaven, not dead or static, matter Heaven has the creative drive in service of those with I-consciousness. The eternal Doubt in the creation from the Nothing is based on the rejection of the all embracing principle of love. There must be something else then that!

Show that the principle of neighbourly love excludes any supreme artificial intelligence, AI, even as self creative entity. It still makes a sophisticated AI an intelligent tool even if it is artificial humanly adapted. Note that in the immaterial Heaven mind merging can be superior to an AI created by humanity or any intelligent race. Mind merging seen as collective meditation in which the group learns to manipulate the electrons around atoms or to overcome complex ideas.

Since it is shown that intelligence can be separated from human intelligence, because meta algorithms in binary or digital code are more sophisticated than a human chess or a human go-player. The question is, can a dedicated meta algorithm be humanized in such a manner that it experiences emotional consciousness? In first instance the obvious is negative, sophisticated meta algorithms contracted in AI does not experience emotions every time it makes a move in a chess game while the human player always can have emotional experiences at every moves he/ she makes. Or saying differently copying the intricacies’ of the human brain by AI does not make the ‘human AI’ experiences emotions like a human chess or go-player.

It seems possible that a humanized AI can have a personality but not an emotional consciousness.

Reasoned from the all embracing principle of altruistic love a human AI of supreme sophistication can never adhere to emotional consciousness, it still is in the end a highly sophisticated intelligence independent of the love principle and it is therefore an ideal tool to aid the eternal research for a different resolution of the Creation of the Nothing even if the Nothing is not the leading parameter for the existing of a different universe.

Note Denaerde (archive) stated the existence of the Holy Ghost as a evolving immaterial enigma embracing the humanity, leading up the goal which could be true in the light of the theory of live discussed at the website under the heading ‘new future’.

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