Triplet entanglement of the pseudo vector medium

The definition of the paired pseudo vector ‘vacuum’ is the zero energy storage of paired pseudo vector cells of 1.34002 eV at ½c effective. As shown based on the now well established supposition that the opposing pseudo cells execute zero labour between the vector components of acceleration of these cells.

In the blogs trick and structure en storage it was derived that only triplets of the cells have sufficient enough long live to generate quantum mechanical entanglement. So far only the formation of triplets at a time moment was understood for the zero energy storage. How the formation of spatial clusters happens is still an outstanding question and should be guessed as quantum entanglement of the triplets. Further it should be clear that the original supposition of the doublet formation for the electrons had to be converted to triplets with a slightly different exchange velocity with respect to this of the proton which is always higher than the electron. The combined ratio                                  m/mo = (1836.153 + 1)/ 1728 = 1.063167 which is further reduced due to the mediating mass,  blog trick . So a distinction into different initial velocities between electron and proton is a necessary condition for the triplet entanglement resulting in the zero energy storage of this medium.

The other issue is that roughly half the amount of the pseudo vector cells is attached to the proton or generalized proton and the other half to the electron and mediated by the angular momentum between these two. The overall conclusion is that triplet quantum entanglement for the zero storage in the pseudo vector medium is a highly complex process.

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