Matter and Anti matter

If  you look up the section about dark matter in Bk1, the diagram of the four not identical pseudo vector cells is shown. Two of these contain the same acceleration vector while the other two give the opposite direction of acceleration. These are the fundamental states for matter and anti matter. By the pairing condition and with respect to Maxwell’s law of electromagnetism the negative and positive charge are to be associated to either of the two the directions of opposing internal acceleration for the matters. So at least eight kinds of charge matters(spin and electric charge) could be expected of all the possible combinations. It could mean eight protons or eight electrons. Due to symmetry up and down of the two equilateral pyramids in one ensemble, Bk1 chap2, only four independent protons and four independent electrons are the result. The protons are built solely from paired τ-pseudo neutrino cells and the electrons from paired µ-pseudo neutrinos. Solely the protons and electrons display only one kind of pseudo cell internally. All other states of subatomic particles are dynamic mixtures of τ- and µ-pseudo cells internally, while externally the four independent e-kind of neutrino pseudo cells exchange. It is the condition of resonance exchange, directly from τ- to e or from µ- to e kind and these states exist only for the proton and electron. The other quark or leptons mostly exchange from τ- to µ- to e-kind under pairing condition as described in chap 2 Bk1. The internal pairing of a particle under end cap symmetry determines the 2nd or conjugated state of matter to the normal state, always in consideration of the four matters, two states of matter and two of anti matter states.

The other parameter of the pseudo vector cells is the component of spin vector of the cells following the above explanation of the eight possible combinations. Due to pairing internally in dynamic sense, up and down symmetry, equal spins are adding to opposing accelerations along the rotation axis for a particle maintaining the above eight options for matter including the anti matter state with the anti matter for the anti spin state. This is contrary to the quantum mechanical definition of spin. Here meant in the absolute sense because of the only two possible systems for the definition of coordinates in Newtonian 3D space given by above diagram. The reason for the quantum mechanical definition of spin the Fermi state expressed in spin and anti spin as in the relative sense because internally the momentum velocity never exceeds ½c effective due to internal acceleration between zero and ½√2 c in the cross over for the unit electric charge generation laid down by the condition of electric charge all in consideration of the rotational symmetries of the equilateral and cubic pyramid symmetry explained in chap 2 Bk1. So relatively a Fermi particle has two spin states due to ½c effective internally. It also means that the Fermi spin of a conjugated particle has two spin states etc etc.

Note, from above explanation it is clear that the resonances in 3D-contractions within a particle does not have to coincides with the induction contraction for electric charge most likely also explaining the existence of the anomalous magnetic moment in a particle.

All four states of the protons/ anti protons and the electrons/ positrons are subjected to internal acceleration in two absolute directions resulting in two opposing directions for gravity in the sense of generation coherent time quanta due to virtual labour not observable to us directly. Due to Newton’s law of action/ reaction for the mediating external four e-pseudo vector neutrinos cells, the radial gravity force/ acceleration is the result. It is the escape of the mediation cells from the neutral atom. Also the e-neutrino pseudo cells have tiny rest masses giving long distance quantum exchange options. However a more elaborate explanation can be the subject for another blog.

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