Universal creation

Around forty years ago extraterrestrial information was implanted into the human race, see book about this meeting. Denaerde. This astonishing deed was accompanied by a picture of an analogue pyramid model for the existence of twelve universes in static equilibrium to each other, not continuous expanding as is thought for our cosmos. Furthermore this model should also be a base to for explaining the laws of nature.

The accompanying dictate for the model was the Creation from the Nothing, Creatio Ex Nihilo, stating the Duality of God’s cosmos. What means in every intelligent race two opposing Love poles as the intelligent forces of Creative Will are incorporated. New Future chap 2. Overall these Poles are seen as the infinite immaterial forces of Creative Will carrying our cosmos and maintaining the existence of the twelve universes. It was foretold what that were the consequences for the near future of the coming one to two thousand years, for mankind. ‘link’. A summary and background of Denaerde’s teachings are in the book ’Universal Creation’. The English translation is to come in two years. In the mean time the reader can use the information available on this site.

During the past forty years progress happened in all sciences and technology while Earth was spoiled by man and not in any relation to the astonishing deed of 1967. However the pyramid analogue became more and more understood in such a manner that the discovery of gravity waves by colliding black holes and dark matter/ energy could be explained by using this fundamental symmetries represented by this model. In that aspect the laws of nature translate differently than those prescribed by standard fundamental physics.

Any intelligent being is subjected to the absolute free will in contrast to present-day insights based on fundamental quantum mechanics. This is not in any manner related to the statement of modern social sciences saying someone cannot have more than a pseudo free will. The two Poles incorporated in humanity determine that the laws of nature have to be objective and rational not subjected to sentiments or believes. From the point of view of eternity the conscious individual being decides which kind of eternity he/she wishes to choose, matter Heaven or the immaterial Heaven. Both belong each to the opposing Love poles and all this seems possible in the coming two millenniums.

The interested reader can compare this not only to the summary of ‘Universal Creation’ as to a summary of the Book ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Noah Hariri which is the present-day topic in future development. Different scenarios of the future for all of us are contemplated from non-human intelligence, sophisticated AI’s to upgraded human beings or in case of some of happy few whom can reach that kind of eternal life. New future chap 1

Finally the fundamental theory of physics based on the two rotational symmetries of the equilateral pyramid are given in Bk1, 70 pages BK 1 and Bk2, 50 page BK 2 accompanied by proposals for experiments how man will manipulate gravity empowered by the collective mind of all mankind including all souls of the past. It should be clear that gravity of our planet or gravity of any star system is carried by dark matter of which dark matter and dark energy are the same in this new theory. Therefore electromagnetic energy in resonance to the internal structure of the atoms can be arrested and guided sensibly into the collapse of our solar system transforming Intelligences into matter Heaven which is only one state of eternal Live. This seems the end goal of humanity. As a first step experimental proposals for gravitational levitation by electromagnetic sources more than one, are included here. In theory at least it seems that steady state levitation requires only 5 Watts per kg levitated mass for gravity at the surface of Earth. This low value predicts that mankind having attuned minds can conquer matter. See: Animation and BLOG for discussions.