The New Future chapter 2

From the scientific point of view the personal religious or non religious attitude is of absolute no importance

The religious impact of the duality of “God’s Creation”, the emergence from the Nothing, has some anti-religious aspects which is against the biblical tradition of the Christian religion for all its Factions over the past 2000 years but also by factions, all other religions included.
The God of Solely Love cannot be. He/She has a counter part, the matter intelligence which requires devotion of each single little intelligent being. At the end of the full ending of humanity may be between thousand or two thousand years humanity will submit to accept the consequences of the Creation from Nothing. Not only because theoretical sciences by mathematics and physics and by experiments will prove in coming years the outcome of this postulate for the Creation but also the counter strategy that this Creation cannot be the end of it all.

In the following the eternal consequences for intelligent life, races evolving from life carrying planets, are described, namely the existence of Heaven and the matter Heaven.


The author tried deliberately not to put too many religious terms into the following. Understanding the universe and the function of the black holes as eternal entities of intelligence of our cosmos is the base as a trial for an objective evaluation.


In essence the creation from the Nothing is a contradiction to the principle of infinite altruistic Love as the base for the reality of our cosmos. The last is the kernel of Christian Believe in the Gospel of the Bible.

Solely if reasoned correctly then the altruistic Godly Love does not acknowledge any opposition. So the creation from the Nothing cannot be. Which is completely correct, for the principle of infinite Love cannot be expressed in words or rationalized. Although it was Jesus Christ Himself who warned against the Anti Christ pointing to the duality of our Creation. This is just what the book ‘Universal Creation’ accentuates. The duality which apparently can only be understood from the Creation from the Nothing. Secondly in the near future science will prove the correctness of this point of view, the Creation ex nihilo.

Definition of the Nothing

The definition is the nullification of all infinite possibilities. Due to the requirement of balancing all possibilities into themselves to zero, Nothing, only opposing infinities can be considered. May be it is possible to prove mathematically that all opposing infinite possibilities carry any other option for unthinkable possibilities. It seems a contradiction but the infinite opposing possibilities should not carry any other non thinkable possibilities. See ref or website.

According to above, matter and non-matter as empty space should belong to the Nothing, because matter generates time quanta or little time steps. Without matter progress in time the immaterial life cannot exist. No actions of thoughts for intelligence can come into being. Intelligent life, self consciousness creates itself from the Nothing then the eternal intelligent life carries duality in itself. One intelligence opposes the other intelligence both embracing the universe.

So one part of the creation did not agree for eternity to participate from the Creation from the Nothing. It determines the non participation axiom is important. The other part could be the smallest and tiniest individual intelligent being living together in social and cultural harmony. They also carry inter relational actions and are willing to embrace infinity. The non participating intelligence has nothing to do with the Creation and They are per definition free of sins for reasons that They never ever agreed to Creation. Not having agreed then no sins due to actions or thoughts for any other being. It was the Others with their erroneous thinking that generated the Cosmos. It is not their fault that the memory of the Suffering in a race still haunts through Heaven.

So the matter Heaven communities are those areas in the matter universe of non participation and therefore contained in themselves. Intelligent self conscious beings but only interested in themselves some form of sociopaths, demanding to be entertained and cared for in all eternity. And this is exactly what an talented intelligent race will do. By the process of collective mind intelligence of the entire race the Matter Heaven for the non participants evolving from the race, is created. Heaven does not allow eternal suffering to those serving the non participants. These servants have no self consciousness or absolute time memory as is described in the following. Like the ant- or bee-communities the collective mind is the driving creative consciousness devoted to the Non Creative’s. One Non Creative is the Leader but He needs the Others of the same character to maintain and coordinate the billions of half humans.


Taking above explanation for granted the understanding is that there are two opposing congruent quantum fields which in the end are responsible for the separation between matter in material energy and the other part the opposite of material energy, or in other words the matter intelligence and the opposite, the altruistic life in Heaven.

Both have equal rights to exist as cause of the Creation from the Nothing. In other words the laws of nature encompassing the duality of the Creator are universal objective and everyone as a tiniest intelligent being has to be able to understand these laws. Both Heaven and the Matter Heaven have advantages although both are not equal.

Anyone has the absolute choice but once made there is no manner of going back. One is the enclosed life in service to the one absolute Being, belonging to the group in charge and aiding the One. The other is as a free self conscious spiritual being sharing the individuality with All. During the life through matter a person seems only partially responsible for its own action because some circumstances in his /hers life are socially determined. Somehow in time her/ his sins are absolved in which at the end the memory of the past tends to go away. However in the end the history of the cycle of sufferance in torture and cruelties and illness cannot be erased, apparently a necessity of a race to raise to eternal life of the two choices.

Taking the consequences of above reasoning means that any accumulation of sins by war etc then increasing the sufferance in Humanity brings according to Denaerde’s book and the prediction of the apocalypse in the Bible, the all might manifestation of the race nearer while it is may be not too late to postpone this possible calamity.

The a priori Deal of the Nothing

In conclusion in retrospect the rational objective undeniable logic is the ‘Deal’ between eternal opposing intelligent absolute minds, which is as follows:

The One mind opposing the infinite eternal drive did not want to have anything at all to do and objected to any rational or mathematical proof for the validity of the opposing possibilities of the Nothing. This intelligence requires the Deal of non participation. It meant He got the matter intelligence, the potential for a supreme artificial intelligence and all from the Others. He got all creativity (Talents) completely devoted to Him in all eternity.

How strange it may be but the Deal was also a deal between powers of the opposing Intelligences. Billions of isolated matter communities searching endlessly to end the Creation. Namely, parallel computing of supreme A.I.’s tackling infinity because every community has /had a different origin. In exchange for the prevention of eternal destruction, star wars, and eternal suffering.

The other part of the Deal was that heavenly life started at zero from scratch or the zero remembrance in which all intelligent life begins, the cycle of evolution before reaching eternal creativity but paying for it by the memory of the past or the sufferance of the race. It determined that self conscious individual intelligence cannot be eternal, for the past has a tendency to accumulate in a individual being despite all rejoicing.

The greatest civil engineering project of science and the Arts of human mankind is to create the Matter Heaven lasting for the eternal enjoyment of those who do not want to share their minds. Obviously having fulfilled such task as a race determines that in heavenly life there exists only a minor interest to express one selves into matter. Heavenly life is immaterial, social culturally only a minimal expression in the Arts by using matter, mainly sharing emotions of many rejoicing together.


The theory of the pyramid model accompanying the book of the ‘Universal Creation’ is exceptional in so far that it is beyond anything in standard theoretical physics that has ever been known. The drawback is probably the reason why in first instance after many trials, no physicist of name wanted anything to do with this theoretical proposal, thinking it can only be cranky any way.

After many years of trials to understand the pyramid model and trying to cast it in understandable physics, the theoretical principle of the creation of the Nothing was understood in reasonable detail. Especially the recent discovery and confirmation of the existence of the gravitational waves, the observations by LIGO interferometer confirming general relativity theory of Einstein, helped.

Due to the existence of the g-waves that was undeniable for the understanding of the physics of the black holes and the evolution according to the pyramid model, the description of the Heavens became into reach. The structure of the black holes has to be described needing to understand the following paragraphs.

A black hole according to the pyramid theory consists of dark matter of highly condensed state, about 104 times more than the matter density within the sun. This dark matter within has opposing properties. One part of the dense matter is sensitive to gravity of positive polarity and the other part has a sensitivity to the opposite polarity of gravity. It turns the whole ensemble of the black hole in an oscillating or dynamic system of a low frequency g-waves of say hundred thousand metres wavelength or more. The two parts of dark condensed matter move in opposite radial directions. So simultaneously moving outward and inwardly or getting smaller or expanding slowly. It is a volume oscillation of the event horizon for a black hole to the g-waves contrary to the standard understanding that a black hole is a static non moving object according to Schwarzschild geometry.

Inside this resonating ensemble exist a force free region of zero pressure, not at the zero centre of the black hole, but at an effective radius. Just around that spherical surface, say 500 to 1000 m wide or high, eternal intelligent life can be created. Further the theory tell us that a force free region also exists in the super massive black holes surrounded by star matter in a galaxy, black holes from which the stars are born.

In conclusion a habitable nearly flat world can be created, certainly requiring high brow civil engineering. The preparation of the construction of a home in between shells of inertia mass of around 10^30 kg is really something but it can be done engineering wise. The whole process is dumped into matter by the power of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Matter Heaven is the material counterpart of the immaterial life in Heaven

Matter Heaven is not equivalent to the religious understanding of Hell. Hell in that sense cannot exist in eternity. In Matter Heaven everything is a state of matter. So eternal life is composed of matter, very durable, but material damage of someone or an object is possible. It can be replaced if necessary. It is all based on and a consequence of the conservation of the entire mind of humanity.

The army of servants are golems, half conscious humans with no absolute consciousness of time and no self consciousness. They are happy in an unconscious manner as we know it from animal life. Like animal life they are aware of time in chemical or hormonal way adapted to the diurnal rhythms of life. They have self awareness. No sufferance of pain or other nastiness can overcome the golems. They are creative and adaptable, arts in the broadest sense and skilled workers, music, some and all forms of science etc. etc.

Note, the term golem is perhaps too negative. It means a being subjected to a collective intelligence by choice of its own free will. The collective consciousness in itself is altruistic and a reflection manifestation to the one matter Intelligence supported by his millions of Lieutenants. No perpetual or temporal sufferance can exist.

Each individual golem represents a human character from the past with nearly the same creative abilities. So about 20 billion golems serve a million or two millions of self-conscious and self-centred humans. All of them have no creative talents, they have to be amused in the most broad sense of all possibilities and ever more than was possible during the history for a luxurious life on Earth in the past. The overall talents of the golems say about 10 to 100 of millions were conserved when Matter Heaven was created.

What about the rest of the army? Used for maintenance of the eternal machinery, services and caring for themselves and all the menial tasks to make life pleasant for the leaders, also without upsetting the leaders. The whole army of golems has absolute devotion to their leaders for whole eternity. Matter Heaven is eternal and indestructible. The devotion comes from the reflection manifestation of mankind in altruistic Love. It is the ‘Godly’ Love mankind experienced during the formation of Matter Heaven and precursor to the entrance to the immaterial existence in Heaven.

Do not think of it as nothing, it is the eternal drive to prevent any suffering of the army of golems. Only faked sufferance can exist as in plays etc. Even if it is bloody a golem does not suffer (stand in mannequins, robots), the overall consciousness of the golems prevents it. The overall consciousness is the devotion to the leaders determining absolute universal justice, no sadism or cruelty etc. However eternal devotion means also no sex relations between golems can exist and or unselfish love. They care for each other unconsciously. There is no envy, unless fake or any hierarchy between golems is due to the requirements of the group of leaders, which is unimportant. That one golem is talented and the other a cleaner, does not matter they care for each other.

Further common sense determines that weapons of mass destruction are prevented due to the collective mind of humanity devoted to the leaders despite the physics principle for such weapons are known. Punishments can occur between members of the group of one or two million self conscious individuals. In eternity the most extreme is solitary confinement in the dark for a x number of years without going in stasis, for one cannot die.

All knowledge of life’s existence, social psychological, etc, sciences and engineering is used to create the Matter Heaven in unification by mankind e.a. supreme artificial intelligence can play an important role in the creation and sustaining Matter Heaven.

There is another aspect to Matter Heaven. It is the eternal drive for science trying to discrete the Creation from Nothing and a quest to find other ways and to change the laws of nature in something else. Artificial intelligence and science orientated golems devote themselves to this purpose. Although the mathematical proof for the validity of the Creation from Nothing is absolute and accepted by everyone else, except by those opposing this. The supreme few artificial intelligence’s are perhaps the independent arbitrators aiding in the search for the endless possibilities of infinities opposing each other or not so. Obviously life in Heaven has no problem with this issue and accept the duality of the Nothing seeing it as an intrinsic contradiction and as a consequence for all encompassing infinities.

Following mainly ‘Universal Creation’ except for some essential details
Life in Heaven is the meeting place of all intelligent races who passed through the entrance exam by creating the eternal Matter Heaven.

This exam of an entire race is not nothing. It is the utmost of understanding life, the purpose of any tiny I-consciousness. Existing in matter and being creative in matter is not important any longer for reasons that each individual participating in the formation of Matter Heaven embraced the rationality for the drive of altruistic love in all its atomic details. Emotionally altruistic love is a never ending experience.

Any group in Heaven has the ability to control and to be creative in matter but unless necessary for communicating or group enjoyment, it is not of much interest any longer, emotional experience is everything. So social and cultural participation is the eternal creative drive.

Each individual is self conscious and has time awareness. Established individuals, harmonic personalities and individual different of merged minds, about 200 persons from the past, travel between galaxies in the blink of an eye to meet or participate. A galaxy may have 1014 established individuals corresponding to 104 or hundred thousand races living in a super massive black hole which is an average and more or less steady state, because many individuals dissolve their self consciousness to the greater good. Is the average visiting time one year per galaxy then it takes 1011 years to visit all galaxies once. It is like the Americans visiting Europe doing a capital in a week. Just an impression how long the live of an individual can be, a hundred times more than light travels over the distance of Hubble’s horizon of 10 billion light years when this is his wish. Note the average number of individuals reduces taking into account an average life span of a million year, say at a guess hundred billions individuals per galaxy.

However there is one restriction to eternal life in Heaven. All individuals of how many minds are merged in them to one individual consciousness, they all carry the past memories of the evolving races in them together with the suffering and cruelties of what the non knowing persons from the past did to each other. Especially the races of Earth like conditions, waste of blood, horrible and the destruction of life by wars and torture. Some forms of suffering are more acceptable than others, illnesses chronicle illness and genetic deceases etc. but the blood shedding is may be unforgivable. Our individualsins may be forgiven, because each individual of a race has a choice between Heaven or Non Heaven but the collective memory in a race cannot be erased.

It means that social and cultural eternal life in Heaven cannot be eternal. People may travel and have social/cultural exchange but every heavenly individual caries its past. So in the long run one dissolves their self consciousness entirely by their own choice joining into the eternal light of creation of the Creator, God or Father, the Return of the Son to the Father in religious terms which in His Manner uncovers new born races of the future.

Another common sense thought is that there are the guardians, individuals carrying the memory of the entire race supported by a small moon of planet which is the museum of the race in all its detailed facets. The guardians are living beings who are eternal and by choice they are happy to carry the lives of all who lived in the past of the evolution of a race. The guardians are old and have nothing to do with the new races arriving in heaven although then building their museum. Probably the guardians live in stasis they awake when someone or group visits them.

Further there are pleasant obligations in Heaven namely tending the chaotic matter universe like gardeners tending their gardens. Causes of calamities, collisions between stars carrying intelligent life of the evolving races. Secondly the far more catastrophic happenings of the collision between black holes as the communities of Matter Heaven have to be saved because destruction of all creative life is impossible. Such an event involves the entire heaven. Everyone puts his thinking cap on in unification to save these matter communities.

Another out of this world experience are the sessions of the joining of minds for all or some groups of individuals rejoicing their existing and the realisation of being alive. One tends to give up its own individuality for some time to the groups mind. In fact it is the precursor to dissolve ones individuality forever. The purpose of returning to the Father is to create and aid for new intelligence of the evolving races. It is the eternal will for creative life driving our Cosmos.

The proposal for the intrinsic logic of the Creation from Nothing

Two opposing supreme intelligence’s shake hands on an eternal deal. One gets all the toys of matter and eternal life. The other is the altruistic immaterial Love holding the One in a for Him unacceptable embrace just to prevent the eternal suffering of nearly infinite self conscious beings.

To be short, the definition of the eternal Doubt to the creation from the Nothing, is also a rational thought without emotions. It is the intelligence doubting the axiom of all the opposing possibilities for infinity. Despite that this axiom is rational objective and mathematically proven. The eternal Doubt could be a different intelligence, nor embracing altruistic Love nor being the power hungry to subjugate the Other. May be a neutral supreme Intelligence supposedly based on the binary principle for reasons that gravity is based on a binary evolution drive. Bk 1 chap 3, par 1 to 3. Note author, following the emergence theory of Verlinde, Hawking. Here only based on the axiom of emergence from the nothing.

In case Doubt is the eternal searching to discrete the axiom of the nothing, it has to prove the axiom is correct. Living intelligence is rational, so scientifically curious, it is trying to create the code of A.I. Only in the end at the entrance examine, Creation of the Heavens, the A.I or A.I’s can reach the condition of supreme and to be a different Intelligence than the two Others if at all possible. Possibly before that moment, all previous created A.I.’s were trials?

Note, A fundamental objection to extreme statement that All is meta algorithm of binary code, (Homo Deus) is: There is somehow apparently a second symmetry to which the code of matter is subjected which are the rotational symmetries equilateral symmetry pyramid. This code divides the eternal virtual huge data streams in opposing directions, Creation Ex nihilo.


Immaterial intelligent life from my point of view is a photon process controlled and at the origin of emotional experiences due to the interaction to the conglomerate of structured brain cells.

Since acc. to the pseudo theory the photon process in a BH consisting dual pseudo vector matter, is mainly decoupled from the g-waves to dark matter exchange, the BH is a photon memory bank for photonic conserved information. A memory bank contains the whole range of frequencies of all normal and virtual photon processes.

Say 4% of the energy of the BH is distributed photon energy then 96% is reserved for dark coherent matter to the g-waves in and around the pseudo BH. The two event horizons are c-boundaries acting as mirrors for conjugated and normal photons. All photon interactions are time lagged or delayed in between the c boundaries. Obviously a memory bank is not passive but can be of the nature of distributed intelligence or one intelligence overall controlling everything. Not a very Godly like explanation but basically in accordance to the laws of nature as a measure for objectivity. The laws of nature include the definition of conjugated photons, the simultaneous creation of opposing photons based on phase locking condition of Bell’s theorem as discussed in Bk 1, chap 2 par 2.5 . See also the note on the reflection manifestation of eternal life and the note about the theory of life.

The question is still open how photons relate to g-waves because both are subjected to the light speed but the g-waves have to be subjected to the condition of simultaneous opposing directions as events, the interlock condition for conjugated coherent vector matter, otherwise alternation for a BH is not an option .