For any one or all of us black holes as the ultimate contraction of huge amount of matter, are difficult to understand. The scientists building complex mathematical model have difficulty to explain this in layman terms, another who says it is relative simple in terms of pyramid theory, are confronted with a huge conceptual problem. The acceptance that a phase space of time surrounds a black hole in our Newtonian space, the one space of existence for human intelligence or consciousness, our matter world, is mind boggling.

So look at the pyramid picture. Twelve flywheels in an discrete envelope representing two opposing time directions for each ‘rib’ of an equilateral pyramid. With a sphere which maintains the feedback of virtual varying momentum passing through the flywheels and synchronizing these. A flywheel represents a black hole either super massive or like the one for our Sun in the future. These twelve as momentum flux ‘mirrors’ are needed to maintain a closed loop of resonating energy, virtual to us, the one envelope for our Newtonian space and time. So these BH ‘s are indestructible and eternal. These ‘breath’ because resonating and exchanging energy in equilibrium to the normal matter surrounding the black holes.


The middle sphere is a virtual ‘bar’ of momentum shuffling quanta of virtual energy along at each moment the centre ‘bar’ is in contact to the middle of the ‘ribs’. So it is pushing momentum in one direction corresponding to a double rotation.

The rotor is shown in fig 2. The flywheel stands for the mass of the black hole while the rotor is the degenerated coherent pseudo matter in two qualities, one for normal matter and the other of the conjugated sort but not of anti matter, because the anti matter BH follows the opposing time axis. Like a permanent magnet the two kinds of coherent pseudo matter consist really of two polarities or poles of photon horizons conform the electric charge.

The ‘fun’ starts by trying to understand what the gravity waves are. These are virtual momentum waves circulating in the time frame. These follow Einstein’s photon definition for empty space without any linkage to dark matter or charged matter. See explanatory note of BK1. Coherent pseudo vector matter in the two qualities follow another propagation direction than the gravity and photon path, the direction in time phase space due to the internal acceleration the matters. The limiting velocity for these matters, is the effective ½c velocity. See BK 2. Therefore the rotor is alternating, rotating to prevent the degeneration of the matters. The consequence is that the boundary of the rotor matter does not entirely coincides to the gravity or photon boundary, the event horizon. Secondly the mean density in the alternating state of the matter is limited.


Another hurdle in acceptance is the inner horizon within the BH. The ‘rotor’ is a two pole system, one for the normal and the other for conjugated. Both parts in the ‘rotor’ serve the two opposing internal accelerations or opposing gravities considered externally. The inner acceleration going to the centre tries to degenerate into a collapse the vector matter which is prevented by the alternation driving the charge or photon horizons. If the photon horizons are phase forward then the matter rotation vibration acts as a brake by delaying. The whole system is lossless attuned to exchange of the g-waves, photon and pseudo matter.

Two restrictions are fundamental to above explanation. The ½c effective velocity of the pseudo matter determine the BH is a Newtonian object executing a three dimensional vibration and spin. Secondly the gravity waves as virtual momentum in phase space follow the law of simultaneous opposing waves for the two time directions. The nature of these waves cannot be identical to the photon properties but seem also to comply to transversal propagation at c-velocity. The three dimensional complexity of coherent vector matter is still not entirely resolved and treated in BK 2.