The New Future chapter 1

Homo sapiens is losing control

It might be meaningful to summarize first of all and ultra shortly the main points of the preceding part II starting where believing in a superior all dominating authority (religion) makes way for the conviction that man serves as inspirator for the world picture he believes in. This humanistic conviction consists of three streams namely liberalism, the individual is in the centre, socialism orientation on community , and fascism interpreting the theory of Darwin evolution only as the law of the jungle. Hariri takes the stand that at the moment (2016) liberal humanism has won and the other two streams, namely social and evolutionary humanism (in extreme form respectively communism and nazi ism) have had to stand aside. However liberal humanism needs for his attractive aspects of giving priority to individuals, the voter is always right, looking like giving way to individual meaning , it needs the indisputable stand that individuals are free to choose. It starts to resemble a religion needing a improvable assumption but not always the same, namely God exists. Until recently the liberal humanistic ‘Gedanken sind frei’ assumption not contested by science as fact, but-- and with this conclusion we shall start the summary of part III-- it looks like the central pillar of humanism namely the free will, will be put up for discussion more frequently, according to findings of actual biotech and artificial intelligence (AI).

So summarizing the conclusion of part II in short humanity might have entered already the post humanistic era.

Modern science begins more and more to realize that the following adage is realistic: “one may want you long for, but one is not free to want what it is you longing for”. In fact this denial of the free will is also already hidden in the theory of evolution namely in the choice of direction the evolution has taken the world, a free will aspect is not visible: where only those forms of life survive with qualities matching the vigorous surroundings unpredictably in time and place, fluctuating biological and inorganic environment, predominant by chance and matters of scientific laws. As starting point Darwin had man possessing free will as the end of evolution, that exclusiveness by mechanical approach of the brain has also been a point of discussion-- even more in the contradiction between free will and post humanistic science the free intellect is probably the losing one. Present day science says that determinism and chance share the booty leaving no room for the free will. The conception chance can be explained in two ways, namely as real chance or as chance only experienced by people as such. standing at crossroads unknown to you, you might take the correct road thinking-- what a coincidence that road is the right one, but it is not a coincidence and therefore not a ‘real coincidence’ that the correct road is just there. The argument is also valid for the choice by accident of the correct road -- the question is also for that coincidence -- if it is really chance you are taking the correct road. The deterministic World might be too complicated for us to understand that chance most of the time (or always) refers to a determinism unattainable for humanity.

Facing the exploits of intelligent machines without consciousness--twenty years ago a soulless computer has beaten the World champion chess and last year the same happened to the World champion of the most difficult game in the World “Go”, the question is inescapable if human consciousness add anything to solving these difficult problems. The “Go” champion is not only a computer filled by programmers with algorithms but also a learning machine. Just like a newborn baby is learning from his surroundings, the modern computer (since 2016) bestowed with an ability to learn (deep learning) is able to play the game so well, with only the rules of the game to start with, he will be World champion. And that World championship was given to the “Go” computer belonging to all people by only one person, the World champion himself.

So we could steer for a World where highly intelligent machines, without consciousness, the majority if not all of them, could take over the work of man-- and do it even better and faster. Hariri illustrates this by numerous examples I shall mention two (1) Google can already sift through all Facebook messages in no time and make the observation very quickly that for instance the words “cold” and “ headache” are suddenly used much more frequently and so can conclude a flu epidemic (in average two weeks faster than the government), (2) recently an AI machine has been appointed member of the board of the company Deep Knowledge Ventures. These examples, and others, show that intelligence can exist without consciousness followed by the evolutionary question “what is more important for the survival of the human race” intelligence, consciousness of both? Consciousness might be not necessary to reach intelligent thinking entities and we might have arrived at the “conscious less” evolutionary path.

However in Hariri’s opinion one of the scenario of the future is that we do have the need for people to keep intact to the concept of “being useful”, but not any more on the base of liberal humanism in “everybody is equal”. He foresees a large subclass of useless people whose work is taken over by clever machines, and who have to be kept quiet by “bread and games” and a small top class who are very intelligent and powerful.

So by this new “technical” humanism dangers loom for this large Group of “deplorable s”, besides abolition of democratic power by the ruling intelligent top class as being troublesome and meaningless, and loss of usefulness by the “deep thought” machines, a biological rift of intelligence develops between upper and underclass. The last one is already visible in medical science, for where liberal humanistic medical science is focussed on healing sick people, the technical humanistic medicine (already in sight) sets out as well, to upgrade genetic qualities of healthy people (for instance higher IQ). The costs of genetic upgrading of people are very high, and therefore only accessible to the top class separating itself biologically.

So Hariri has given now arguments for the title of part III ? “Homo Sapiens is losing control” his thinking, if so, by the technical humanism, is that everything that characterizes man as human being is to be traced back to natural facts (sometimes observable and measurable-- but often not so without change in the argument--) natural facts, the border between human being and machine does not exist anymore. Everything --Beethoven , stock exchange bubble and flu virus-- has the same origin, and because that “all sameness” is largely too complicated for us human beings, we need big data and clever algorithms of deep thought computers. At present the political decision is already much too slow for the fast evaluating technical science: in our parliament you will find hardly any interest for AI, Biotech, and the vision of the future it implies.

In fact a swift development has taken place: less than 20.000 years ago cognition as we know it, came into being, writing and money are concepts we have developed 5000 years ago, the scientific revolution dates back to 500 years ago with the Enlightenment and the idea that all people are the same, was only accepted as point of view at the French Revolution. And now, says Hariri, the era of the “data ism” has come, meaning the individual as centre of the liberal humanism has been replaced by data streams. He puts into words the coming era as follows “the liberal humanism makes sense by individuals as Picasso and Einstein but data ism considers belief in data the source of all sense . Capitalism believes in the invisible hand of the market, data ism believes in the invisible hand of data (measuring algorithms and evaluating data).The universe with all its streams of data is now the source of all sense: mentioned before Beethoven, Stock Exchange bubbles and the flu virus could come now under an all embracing theory, at least in principal, for (and even Hawking mentions it) all embracing might be too much for humanity to understand.

The conclusion of Hariri: according to science people are system processing data, intelligence is disconnected from consciousness and hyper intelligent non conscious machines know more about ourselves than we do --shortly do pay attention, data ism is coming!

My conclusion (KdG): the introduction of the term “data ism” does not serve any purpose, because it is not clarifying, but even if you omit the word data ism, part III is well worth reading in spite of its discursiveness. December 23 2017.

The name of the author and other retired colleagues mentioned in acknowledgements are omitted. The creation from the Nothing might act polarizing to the different cultures of our planet while our global internet is interlinking nearly every one.

Predestination, the possible origin of mythology and religion

Let us return to the pre humanistic period, the time of antiquity or even before, in the book ‘Homo Deus’. In the ancient times the religions were dominant everywhere around the planet. The elements of religion sometimes close connected to mythology had common features:

  • Rituals and cults
  • Visions, prophesies
  • Priests or medicine man
  • And sometimes human sacrifice

What is important to realize for this period of local cultures evolving from primitive to more sophisticated civilisations were influenced by dreams or visions coming often from a single person who tapped from the collective unconsciousness possibly the predestination as goal for the evolution of humanity. The individual who received visions was someone typical formed by his environment and subjected by the process of filtering information determined by his /her culture.
Therefore the ancient times of the formation of mythology and religion whether or not formed by extraterrestrial involvement are important in the predestination goal of a race which were governed by the restriction of neutrality of opposing immaterial ideas of which also the discovery of Darwin’s rule of the survival of the fittest subscribed this neutrality hypothesis.

Not only genes and environment, nature nurture, but a pre formation period could have been involved in determining the goal of eternity for the human race and relating to the next topic.

Ideologies of political and economic origin and the religions in all its factions prevent the integration into a global peaceful community.

A reaction to the book ‘Homo Deus’
Par 1 In general

Since the quark interaction based on the equilateral pyramid symmetry with the pseudo vector neutrinos externally is reasonable well understood the theory of life should be supported by more clear definitions and statements based on these fundamental insights.

  • The laws of nature are based on the numerical principle of the ‘dimensionless’ ratios of the natural integers. Our cosmos is generated by 1024^28 (power of 28) binary steps of the inversion symmetry as determined by the derivation of the overall mass for the universes.
  • For maintaining the state of integer values, the basic particles as proton and electron which is the unit for all rest mass of any particle, a phase space of time, for the particles a phase space of momentum, has to exist which is beyond the Newtonian three dimensional space in which matter and biologic life resides.
  • This phase space has the property that momentum for all interaction in between matter is coherently stored in time quanta governed by the Newton ‘s law of gravity. In other words the phase space is a memory bank of imaginary photon exchange due to Newtonian macroscopic matter interaction, star and planet formation, form the sequence for the memory bank of biologic life and human intelligence.
  • The concept of the objectivity of the laws of nature based on absolute symmetry and mathematic principles and the existence of a phase space of time were a prior to the Creation from the Nothing. Namely the idea of the phase space based of photon representation as an absolute coherent space beyond our Newtonian perception of space and time separates virtual photon space from the matter world, our Newtonian galaxies embedded in Lorentz space. In other words the memory bank is absolute and non material.

In concurrence to Data-ism anything in the matter world as a vehicle to execute self learning algorithms, meta algorithms of binary code, say soft ware, although the algorithms of biologic life (DNA) are hardware codes, complies to the idea of algorithms in general. Since the laws of nature partially follow the binary reduction principle due to reduction and symmetry inversions, our cosmos could evolve and expand. Data-ism is correct that a super meta algorithm could be created or either these algorithms create themselves. It leaves the fundamental question why a supreme super meta algorithm aborted itself a prior to its own creation? Indirectly showing that the biologic codes of life, algorithms, are fundamental different from the supreme meta soft ware codes of intelligence to be in the far future of our existence.
Data-ism, techno humanism points to near future prognosis in human existence. In the previous century the economic systems mainly based on the ideas of humanism were in existence namely the liberal humanism, the social and evolutionary humanism. Liberal humanism used equal right and well being for every human being developed in the West as liberal capitalism. Social humanism idealized in communism was and still is carried by centralized economy and evolutionary humanism based on the idea of evolving super race of which only one race could reach supremacy was in existence during the inter bellum.

Techno humanism is not based in terms of race but follows the expectations of evolving the human genome, gene manipulation as the ultimate to create eternal living humans of ‘higher intelligence’ whatever this will be in terms of future. Either that or the integration in computer coding say chips implanted in human beings. Both data-ism and techno humanism acknowledge the possibility that present human life is surpassed but data-ism trusts in the super meta developments for intelligence and driving a society either of a group of elites or dedicated non human intelligence.

‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari
‘Man Beast and Zombie’ by Kenan Malik


Obviously the note here is trying to show that techno humanism and data-ism point to all the potentials for the new technologies of biologic developments and artificial intelligence but these expectations should be completely wrong by extending these to the human consciousness as the solution for the individual person, because the whole of humanity itself carries the potential for a supreme collective intelligence or consciousness by mind merging.

Definition of consciousness

Consciousness is not the undivided state of oneself at any moment of time. Consciousness is also the awaking awareness of a number of states of the mind.

  • The Zen-state, nonverbal thoughts. A state for input of all the senses or even a higher state of mind, the emotion to be One with the All or Life itself.
  • The state of listening music and similarly the emotional state of experiencing the arts without formulation of thoughts.
  • The state of the active body by work or sports, unconsciously handling tasks. The motoric actions partially the ones one is not conscious off.
  • The state of language formulation, thought process, reading speaking formulating learning to use a language including calculation or mathematics, most importantly communication. Words are sounds as sequenced in time, the memes (see literature) as series in time but a partial parallel process in different parts of the brain.
    Consciousness is also the separation of the emotional experience which is futile and has to be recalled or relived as a memory to that state of mind.

Roughly one can distinguish two states for the conscious self (literature):
- The peak to end rule. The story telling self describing an experience as the state of mind.
- The experience itself by paying attention of second to second recording of the senses, pleasures or awful experiences, say pain.
The peak to end rule is always relating to the past experience from the memory in thoughts, not always in words.

The c-state of the mind and the reflection manifestation of biologic life
The c-state is photonic based on the light speed

The c-state of the mind or better the coherent c-state is a special case of the c-state of biologic life for a life carrying planet. It refers to the c-state of consciousness of an intelligent being of the human race. The reflection manifestation is the imaginary photon state expressed in steady state photons, mostly coherent and virtual belonging to the coherent phase space of time. The c-state of a human being actually any being has in fact nothing to do with the actions of biochemistry driving biologic life, it is a moment to moment reflection of the state of biologic life in the coherent phase space. Normally any living intelligent being has no access to this state and more specifically the c-state of consciousness or mind. Apparently even deep meditation, the state of nearly infinite well being seems too much manipulative. Still it seems to be the most close approach to the state of emotional experience to be one with the entire Cosmos.

The best manner to understand the coherent c-state is as the recording step by step of a being storing the living state in the absolute phase space of time which in terms of physics is virtual photon resonance of steady state. On the other hand recording the c-state of biologic life suggests passivity without manipulation. Obviously this seems not correct. Just so the c-state is existing beyond our grasp, it can still be used as a template for manipulation which is biologic life in essence, interfering between the species survival of the fittest, etc. etc.

In that manner extrapolating this concept the c-state of the mind embraces all consciousness of the minds of all human beings. The template of consciousness is the coherent c-state evolving during the life of man or woman. Similarly the evolving c-state of biologic life reflects all manipulations of the past and maintains the template of the species driven by the Darwin’s principle of survival of the fittest and finally embracing the whole planet from the beginning of the smallest biologic fractions.

Obviously the unconscious processes in the brain are also manipulated by a conscious template not immediately accessible to us. All the biochemistry in the brain should always be in equilibrium to the c-state of the mind, harmony. Harmony seems to be within reach by the lifestyle of Buddhism but is not taking care of the collective state of harmony of all human beings. The Gaia state of all life of our planet embraces all biologic life.

Par 2 Proof of the existence of the c-state

This three dimensional picture in the phase space of time shows as an analogue the four states of pseudo vector matter ½ c, here matter, in relation to the photon path of ½√2c, always an angle close to cosines(54o.73561) = ⅓√3, the continuous interaction with the four states of matter. In fact representing the inner works of the rotation of a Fermi particle in this space contracted to its essentials, the perpendicular crossing of the ribs with ½√2c the shortest distance between them as imaginary photon path and based on the symmetry of the equilateral pyramid.
Most importantly is to realize that these states of matter as a cross over for the virtual photons are always separated from the photon path. Consequently biologic life and the mind of man could be seen as a bipartite between the state of matter and the immaterial c-state governed by the virtual quantum mechanical process of the photons.

The idea of bipartite between photon path and matter explains the laws of biologic life and the existence of the c-state or refection manifestation. It does not explain the other distinction between dead matter and living biologic matter namely the conjugated state driven by the electromagnetic quantum process in living matter, plant life, viruses, fungi and flora, there follows a distinction. This quantum process of the conjugated mode is worked out in the note ‘Theory of Life’, which note should be read by including the updated remarks of the note here because it was written some years ago.

What is remarkable, is that one is able to understand the basic principle of cellular life. Namely plant life, viruses, etc. are singular directed c-states of living matter while animal life and germs are multi directed c-states, because of the driving energy distinguishes two c-states, the one internally of the transport of mitochondrion cells and the other of the overall state of the cell itself. This process repeats itself to the organs (skin to brain) of the animal and its animal outer form or shape. Just a cascade of c-states composing a mammal, reptile or insect. Plant life is similar only internally in the cells it begins with a single c-state referring to the biochemistry by external absorption of photon energy.


Return to the consciousness of the mind and in the same manner a bipartite can be made. The peak to end rule is matter orientated. The concentration of second by second by one or all the senses suggests photon orientation. Both orientations suggest the use of separate nerve networks in the brain exciting the multitudes of areas in the two hemi spheres of the brain. Both networks defines the self for the consciousness of an intelligent being. The use of the separation in network is meant as a metaphor for the complexity in the activation of different areas in the brain to generate the self of someone continuous in time.

Further, Einstein’s law: E = m c2 is always valid:
(½√2)2 + (½)2 = ¾
(½√2)2 – (½)2 = ¼
m (¾ + ¼)c2 = m c2
A ¼ mc2 is the labour disappearing to time, the 4th dimension included for the internal dynamics within a particle, atom or electron. With (m) the rest mass. The reaction of ¼mc2 is the mediating medium in Newtonian space.