The New Future chapter 3 - The theory of life


The complexities of the molecular chemistry for biologic life are tremendous. It is not that easy to deduce by introducing an all embracing quantum physics how life distinguishes itself from dead matter. However due to understanding the process of gravitational levitation, one can try and implement these findings for a better understanding of how biologic life works.
The process for the living cells can be named in terms of physics as the energy driven coherence of quantum excitations in living cells or organisms. A beautiful mouthful but what does it mean?

It is very much the same as the explanation for gravitational levitation. Drive matter into its coherent or collective state by means of nonlinear photon excitation and the quantum resonance simulates the conjugation mode in matter. For reasons that the conjugated state of matter is a replica (template) and nearly identical to that of matter. The accent has to be on nearly identical, because it is the immaterial image slightly different from matter. It is just this tiny difference in the two states that causes the coherence exchange. Is boson condensation the zero energy state of matter as bosons simulating the matter state of many as one identical one, the coherence in the weak vacuum strives on the tiny differences between a group. By balancing the identical part, the differences appear as nonlinear photons which is in essence the photon driven coherence resonance. Without adding energy this nonlinear state cannot be maintained then decoupling the linkage to the coherence. So the energy consumption in all its complexities is used to maintain the coherent state and coherence is the carrier of specific quantum information additional to the one considered solely for matter on its own.

The point is that without the coherence state the living cell, the distinction between species, the mutuality in exchange between animal and plant life (the one cannot exist without the other) of biologic interaction, could not have happened. In other words one can say that intelligent live and in all its diversity is contained partially in coherences information of the weak vacuum as the mediation between absolute empty space. The use of the paradise condition further on in this note is the predetermined state for all forms of live and it is activated by energy driven coherence. The interaction with matter may give many kinds of variations on a specific coherence condition. This variation is the consequence of the diversity in energy drive to accommodate the specific coherence state.

A more fundamental question is, could live evolve from the solely material state of matter without coherence even if all conditions to generate the living cell were perfect. The answer is negative because the immaterial state has to be existing. Consequently by adding random energy fluctuations, the coherent states could be activated, which may be only valid for the primeval or primitive living cells.


The reader confronted with the theory of life according to the pyramid theory of quantum gravity, might be put off by the simplifications used in the theory of life. In fact the author agrees that the explanation has this tendency. However no better insights are available as yet. The other side of the coin is that the evolution theory according to Darwin might be highly advanced scientifically but it never appealed to those who were trying to find a better explanation for the existence of intelligent life in our cosmos.

The means for the explanation of the theory of life has a fundamental base in the quantum mechanical state of the weak vacuum interacting to the surrounding matter mediating to the empty space for photons. To make up for the imperfection of the biologic explanation by the author some experiments are proposed in the last section as a test for the theory of life.

The second purpose of this essay is to clarify Denaerde’s statement or revelation more into the terms for scientific thinking. The statement that all eternal life or even actual life is a reflection manifestation for the matter bound life and as such indestructible and not linked to any matter, is puzzling. Genuinely it really exits according to him without any assistance of matter.

In the following text the terms of pseudo gravitons or pseudo vector vacuum and quantum gravity and conjugated gravity are used. Due to updates in our understanding these terms and other possible inconsistencies are replaced by the dark matter theory of pseudo vector neutrinos determining that the quantum gravity fields are based on a ‘ weak vacuum’ mediating to matter as a consequence of internal acceleration within neutral atoms of our matter.


The theory of life is a slight variant but essentially different from the evolution theory of Darwin. Sure, nothing much is wrong with the evolution theory based on Darwin’s principle of the survival of the fittest, then explaining the mutation mechanism for the evolution of all the living species, from fauna to flora. On the other hand there is something seriously out of order in trying to apply this principle of survival to the higher evolved species. Especially if considering the group behaviour in the species of the mammals including humans. Such mechanisms as social and psychological behaviour cannot be based on this principle solely. Any road, many scientific books and articles have been written of pro and against; pointing out that the driving mechanism of the survival of the fittest cannot be the all mighty principle to explain the entire evolution of life on our planet Earth.

However in the past 30 or 40 years and even before that, up until now, an enormous amount of literature of scientific studies and semi-scientific material has been gathered, mainly of the nature of a classification of phenomena that can not belong to the domain of the survival of the fittest. All these studies are reviewed and explained in the two books of the research journalist Lynne Mc Taggart. The titles are:

  • The Intention Experiment. Can your thoughts change the world?
    Pity the author forgot to mention the most sophisticated intention experiment of 2000 years ago. A man let his disciples and himself walk on water at a stormy evening. See the 2nd experiment.
  • The Field. The quest for the secret force of the universe.

Reading these books or the amount of the listed publications, one can only conclude that the principle of the survival of the fittest cannot be the sole driving mechanism for the evolution of the living species. The entire corpus of proof shown into scientific studies is too great that even to the cynics who can criticize each study individually, it is impossible to reject all studies as rubbish and that points only to nerds.

In the two above mentioned books the essential point is that all living things, flora and fauna, might be interconnected by some kind of bio coherence field stretching out through empty space or even time (retro- intention). This field can be influenced by thoughts of a specific concentration by people who have either special talents or trained themselves, monks, healers at distance. See note ‘reflection manifestation of eternal life’.

This kind of concentration better defined as intension of thought, as individuals are trying to influence plants, bacteria, cancer cells or any other subject by their thoughts. Principally, good or bad intentions are statistically significant. Overall their influence at distance is mostly weak and independent from the distance between locations in these experiments. Luckily for everyone, because otherwise people could kill by intention.

Still it is possible now-a-days to record the coherence interference between the living cells of some complexity, plant leaves or animals with extreme sensitive detectors. The intentions created by thought are accompanied by photons, electromagnetic effects or and magnetic transients, but it seems that the measured effects hide the true nature of the coherence field. Naturally some of these experiments with intentions were done in screened environments, Faraday cages and magnetically screened rooms, etc.

The leap of thought for the explanation of the existence of the bio coherence field of living material is thought to come from the nature of the laws of quantum mechanics in physics, with the often cited example of the recently discovered Bose-Einstein condensates at extreme low temperatures. It explains the effect of coherence, but it is impossible to derive the hypothesis of the bio-field from the scientific accepted fundamental laws of physics. Certainly it is possible to develop theories in physics linking the quantum laws of the sub-atomic particles to the bio hypothesis, but no experimental evidence can be made which relates directly to the bio coherence field.

In conclusion the bio coherence mechanism is very strange indeed if the accompanying electro-magnetic effects are not the carriers of the information, but a consequence of an even deeper quantum state invoked in the surrounding vacuum or empty space. It is astonishing that the brain of man by being in a special state, synchronizing the alpha, beta, and delta brain patterns, can generate intentions transmitted through this field of bio coherence. Therefore it seems that the brain of a human being can be used for other purposes than those strictly acquired by the evolution governed by the principle of survival of the fittest.

Comment: Darwin’s principle is now-a-days a too narrow interpretation. May be the definition mutation drive is better and not such a loaded term. What is meant, is for example a contradiction to the parameter of the survival of the fittest. Say a specie in an enclosed bio environment, will always try to express itself in as many possible variations which the environment allows, mostly dependable on the available food resources. Then the generated variation, which maintain themselves perfectly in their enclosed system, but when placed outside it might be deteriorating. It seems that mutation in living is inherent and always try to find limitation to form a new equilibrium between the available competing species. Although apparently there are overall limitations which determine predators from herbivores etc.


It is impossible scientifically to separate the principle of survival of the fittest into categories. For example, the property of care, the care for the up-growing young might be feminine and the caring for the protection of the group, clan, against outsiders, masculine. Dolphins are aggressive to other group of dolphins, to others outside their own clan members. It might be that the individual in the animal world is always sacrificed against the importance of the survival of the group as a whole. In short, using the classification for the principle of survival of the shear amount of diversity into categories does not seem to work, especially if one wants to apply this principle to social structures within animal world. What is good or bad for the group relative to the principle might be possible in one specific group, but it does not work as a whole for all sorts of social behaviour in the animal world, including the insects.

So it seems that this principle of Darwin to explain the mutation mechanism of the species, plant or animal, has an integrated structure. It works overall for all forms of life as a selector to create new species, but some ways it does not explain everything.

From the point of view of the fundamental physics the pyramid theory distinguishes two kinds of quantum gravity fields which are to be expressed into a mediating pseudo vector vacuum, pseudo neutrino vacuum. One quantum field can be thought as matter bound, inherently linked to the atom species (nucleons plus electrons). Each matter bound quantum field is specific for one kind of nucleon, from hydrogen to plutonium. The other quantum gravity field is a conjugated quantum field which is thought as inherently not matter bound, but defined by a property as the reflection but not the typical reflection existing in relation to the phase space of time surrounding a gravity generating macroscopic matter. In other words the matter bound quantum field is a one to one replica while the conjugated field as a reflection manifestation has slightly different properties, mostly unknown to us yet. The matter bound gravity field determines the observable empty space in three spatial dimensions, while the reflection manifestation in some ways is somewhat different.

In terms of physics one can state that the conjugated gravity is a transformation due to a non-linear mechanism in matter. Or turned around, the non-linearity of matter makes it possible to call up the conjugated gravity mode. To finish the reasoning, the hypothesis of the pyramid theory is that both quantum gravity fields are united in the modified theory of evolution, originally based on Darwin’s insights. The principle of survival of the fittest is an integrated aspect of the two different quantum fields. The modification is that the discovered bio coherence is carried by the conjugated gravity field or the immaterial reflection manifestation of life through matter.

The matter bound field seems to deliver the energy and the drive for the mutation of the species. The supposition is that matter driven life needs the energy to invoke the conjugated mode of the other quantum field. That is why it is a reflection manifestation. Without it, it seems impossible to sustain and explain the diversity of the overwhelming variety in the species of life.

To understand for a bread and butter engineer in physics the derivation of the complexities of life from two independent quantum fields, some gross simplifications seem to be needed. Suppose to explain the non-linear effect in matter with respect to the matter bound quantum gravity one makes ideally a complete record of all temporary processes in a living specie, plant, germ or animal. Temporary in the sense that all the bio-chemical processes are recorded in time. Performed by metaphor by the Fourier transformations on all the time signals. So one has the frequency spectra of all these complexities. Now the supposition is that in matter some hidden frequency spectra exist, which cannot be observed but only represent a part of the observed spectra. These hidden spectra represent the other quantum gravity field. The combination of the observed and hidden spectra is a consequence of the action to reaction between matter and the other quantum field. So simplified the matter bound quantum field can be described in frequency spectra, which includes all electro-magnetic conversions activated in a living cell.

Now if a conjugated quantum field is attuned correctly, representing a resonance between matter bound and immaterial quantum field due to a feedback mechanism, then the nonlinear effect of the hidden frequencies are exposed. It is the sum and difference spectra somehow to be extracted from the observed spectra. The point is that the attuning or quantum resonance can only be invoked by the conjugated gravity field. The matter bound frequencies cannot be carried over to the conjugated field, therefore resulting in many sum- and difference spectra. So the conjugated quantum field is independent from the matter bound field. Probably, the sum-and difference spectra expose themselves as extreme weak electro-magnetic radiation. (Another supposition for the bio coherence)

A second supposition is that by integration over a time interval, at first instance due to symmetry, the sum frequencies are balanced or nullified. (Integration over a time interval compares in Fourier-transformation with sampling for a frequency interval.) So most of the low frequency quantum processes are favoured. It might be that small intervals of integration represent the life of cells themselves and longer intervals might represent the cooperation between a multitude of cells for specific specie and the organ of higher evolved specie. In other words making a sweeping statement, the infinitely long integration represents the paradise condition of all the conjugated information. An educated guess is that the struggle for life disappears and only the stable species co-exist without competition. It appears that the stable resonance patterns (templates) in the conjugated representation are generated by the matter bound mutation drive. So it seems that not an infinite variety can exist, but only some final states of resonance, which still seem to be an enormous amount of species for Earth. A consequence of the paradise condition might be that matter driven life, while dissipating energy, has to comply with the resonance patterns stored in the conjugated field to maintain its integrity.

It looks like the discovered bio coherence field is a representation for the conjugated quantum field. The observed bio-photon emissions which have some coherence at very weak intensities, point to interaction of the living cell material invoking the resonance process of the other gravity. Obviously, if the struggle for live as a material process removed from the paradise condition, then the specie of the lion (carnivores) coexists in harmony with the herbivores. It is a timeless situation, meaning the drive to procreate has disappeared. It is left to the reader to make up his mind and draw his own conclusion. It is still not easy to resolve all consequences of this last statement.

In conclusion, the paradise condition of flora and fauna is a reflection manifestation of matter driven life. In first instance the reflection manifestation of matter or the resonance mode of conjugated gravity is a timeless and lossless quantum state representing stable specie of life for our planet. Of course a paradise condition for a human being or intelligent being might exist. According to all the traditional religions it has something to do with the soul, the afterlife, but certainly the soul after incarnation into matter gathers, perpetual existing, all information and executed actions during its life.


The purpose of these experiments is to deliver a direct proof for the existence of the conjugated quantum gravity field or possible the observable bio coherence effect, derived from the above theory of life. It is proposed that the means to prove the theory is ‘dead matter’, here water. Apparently water can be converted by thought intentions into healing or ordered water having some degree of coherence and it might keep that property for a little time.

See literature:

Emoto, M., The hidden messages in water. Atria N.Y. 2005.
Hamerhoff, S.R., Cytoplasmic gel states in ordered water. Proc. Of the 2nd Annual Advanced Water Science. Symposium, Dalles (TX) 1966.
Pyatnisky, L.N. & Fonkin, V.A., Human consciousness. Influence on water structures, J. of Scientific Exploration, 1995;((1):89.
Rein G. & Mc Craty, R., A Structure changes in water & DNA, associated with new physiologically measurable states. J of Scientific Exploration, 1994; 8(3):438-9.

Here it is stated that ordered water created by man, healers or monks, is more or less the same as water generated by lasers to invoke the conjugated quantum state or bio-coherence effect.

The first step

Demineralised or distilled water is pure and it does not contain any ions of other molecules or atoms than those of water. Naturally it is possible to seed the water with ions, say one to a billion or less than that, to improve the ordered- or coherence property. On the other side, sea water contains many sorts of ions and it sustains at least material life. So coherence is not to be excluded.

Water is the carrier of all kinds of life forms from mammals (95 % water) to plants and bacteria (99.5 %). It must have in some ways non-linear properties that aids the mechanism of coherence, because of the experiments with ordered water in the above mentioned literature. It is supposed that the ion structures of water itself, normally existing, are in thermal equilibrium, can be transposed to some degree of coherence, which might contain the healing properties.

The first step is to generate this coherence effect as a pattern in water. The first choice of the basic frequency could be around the rotation at the zero energy of the water molecule, of which the para and ortho spin state of the molecule play a major part. If not in luck one has to improve finding other zero energy states due to seeding the demineralised water. A way to start is to begin with a simple set up. Use two mode locked lasers (light) or masers (micro waves) with a frequency ratio of 3 to 2 (3 : 2). The start point for the phase shift between the two frequencies should be adjustable, it is an experimental parameter. Mode locking means that the single mode frequencies in the laser process are selected and these must be linked together for the two different frequencies. It might reduce the output intensities of the lasers somewhat, but it seems that the coherence can be generated with intensities of a few tenths of watts or some mille-watts. The position of the lasers is in a horizontal plane and should be either parallel or perpendicular. The detectors should be made only sensitive for the sum and difference frequency with respect to those of the incident beams (exclude the laser frequencies, by using interference filters?). The container for the water should be nearly 100 % transparent. Widen the thin beams of laser light by lenses (paraffin lenses for infrared) during irradiation into the water. Adjust the phase shift until the sum and difference frequencies or either one is detected. Consequently the coherence effect is initiated.

The problem is that another frequency ratio might be required or lasers (masers) in another frequency range. The only guidance is the game of the double rotating dipoles. It displays the graviton mode and the conjugated graviton mode for all combinations of integer frequency ratios.

The second step

When finally in luck, one can begin with the second step and compare the generated coherence water with the effects of healing water on living tissue, plants cells, one cell life forms, or cancer cells (see literature)
The detection is different and the most reliable technique is the one for the bio-photon emissions for living material, even people. The photon emission intensities are extremely weak and the emissions of environmental photons have to be excluded in the technique of the detection. So detectors often used are charged couple devices or photon multipliers. Besides, one should try to find out the frequency of the bio coherence of living tissue in relation to the coherence effect of water. At a first guess, it might be close to that of the bio-photon emissions.

Use the information given in the books of Lynne Mc Taggart or the scientific publications relating to the blank or double blank experiments, screening rooms, magnetically screened rooms etc., etc.. Place the container of ordered water close to the life tissue or submerge the tissue in water, and measure the bio-emission. There are three parameters: water not ordered, water ordered by lasers, healing water. The composition of the water should always be the same. Preferably execute the experiments under similar conditions or ideally simultaneously in a temperature controlled room.

If the effects of healing water and laser activated water are the same or similar then one should be overjoyed, for it is the proof of the theory of live. Most likely a lot of patience and improvisations will be needed to finally reach the goal.

Storing and precautions for ordered water. Healing water might be stored in a cold environment, say 7 to 20 ° C, because it is expected that above 35° C the thermal excitation destroys it completely. Secondly, it might be stored in a green house with an abundance of plant life or it keeps in condition by being carried by the person who did the intension process to the water. The precautions one has to take with healing water to convince the critics and to a lesser extend with the coherence water of the lasers, is that for the experiment the water should be poured over into a neutral container and it should certainly not be used in the container it was activated and stored in. Similarly, healing water is not allowed to be created by intention in the same location as the experimental room for comparison the bio-photon emission of the three options of ordered water.

The gravitational levitation by humans

Another experiment proving the theory of life, in first instance somewhat less scientific, is the levitation of a human being against the gravity of Earth. It only works for those under us who have the proper mind set to achieve levitation of his own human body by meditative concentration.

In chapter 5 of Mc Taggart’s book, The intention experiment, the author mentioned a meditation exercise for Tibetan monks. The choice for gravitational levitation instead of the state of gtum-mo, the inner fire, to protect the body against freezing cold, is a consequence of the duality principle for gravity. To prove the quantum theory of pseudo vector vacuum of neutrinos based on the two kinds of gravity, an experiment is needed for the levitation of a mass of matter maintained by electromagnetic generators. See ref.3, at the end of the note.

Naturally it is not easy to levitate one’s body purely by meditative intention or the group may levitate the one of the group. Only special people can achieve this state of mind. Just by concentration on a preset goal they might achieve it and apparently, most likely Tibetan monks have the right attitude to train themselves to reach this meditative concentration. This state of mind should be needed to release the energy for levitation. As one can deduce from the theory of gravitational levitation in ref.3, the electro-magnetic energy is not huge but relative modest, about 4 watts per kg mass. So the power needed to levitate one own body of 300 to 500 watts, does not seem to come from the brain, which should cook itself, but might only directed by the brain’s intention, which then induces the conjugated mode for matter into our own body molecules.

Keep in mind that through the history of human evolution, there was always some mentioning of the levitation of people reaching some exalted trance. The most well known comes from the Jesus walking on water during a storm with some of his disciples. As life is evolves from water, it is common sense to assume that levitation above a surface of water of some depth facilitates the occurrence of levitation especially due to the link of living matter to the conjugated field.

To execute the experiment on human levitation scientifically, one needs a strict procedure. Detectors for e.m. radiation should be placed around the subject trying to reach levitation. The range of e.m. frequencies is difficult to predict. However once e.m. is detected, the criterion for the ratios between the frequencies might of importance. Say a frequency is f Hertz, then the sum and difference frequency should be f and 5f while the harmonics of 2f and 3f should not be detected or vice versa. Never the harmonics of 4f and 6f should exist as described in ref.3. In case the range is not corresponding to this criterion of the ratios, the theory of gravitational levitation is much more complicated applied in its simplicity to human beings. One should also keep in mind that for the levitation experiment for an arbitrary mass, the conjugated state in matter is induced by the Earth gravity, while here by human levitation one’s mind changes the state of the molecules in one’s body reaching coherence of the conjugated state.

Note 1: It has been shown scientifically with NMR-scans that in general Tibetan monks have different developed areas in the brain than the normal average person concerning their empathy.

Note 2: The proof for the pyramid theory is a levitation experiment of gravity driven by electro-magnetic generators to invoke the mode for the conjugated gravity or coherence of the weak vacuum, then proving the existence of two independent fields of gravity. The proof for the theory of life demonstrates the extension of the conjugated quantum field for all living things.

Note 3: Denaerde also uses the term All-might manifestation. It is different from the definition of the reflection manifestation for life. The All-might manifestation is the state of the conjugated gravity or the field of live, when an intelligent race reaches the critical mass or energy, carried by nearly all the living individuals. The living state of not dying any longer, which might be by eternal suffering, hell, if the race is not prepared for this state of being. However predestination for the race should prevent this. A possible future for the human race is predicted in the New Testament and the interpretation given by Denaerde.

Ref 3: Bk1: ‘A pilot experiment for gravitational levitation.’
See also: ‘The uniqueness theorem of intelligent life’. ‘Reflection manifestation of eternal life’.


Denaerde revealed in his books a contradiction.

  • All matter, the matter distribution in the universes everywhere, but also with respect to the twelve universe, is the same and more or less congruent. Matter is implied as matter and anti-matter respectively to the universe and anti-universe. The outlook of the heavenly sky from any point in the sky in our cosmos is the same for every one of the twelve universes.
  • Intelligent life according to the Creation from the Nothing is unique. It can mean according to Denaerde if an intelligent race goes through the cycle of life via matter and it enters Heaven then its acquisitions as a race are unique and secondly, life of an intelligent being is always unique in its experiences. Nowhere identical experiences for life of an individual exist.

According to the first statement the extreme consequence is that Earth has 11 other appearances around 11 other stars equal to the sun. Statistically all DNA for flora and fauna and even of humans should be the same for all the 12 situations. Molecular distributions based on statistics comply to a high degree with this statement. So it seems that denial of above statement is futile. The conclusion is correct, the laws of nature according to the pyramid theory dictate a clockwork universe and at first consideration uniqueness is not an option.

A similar outcome one finds in the evolution theory. Also all theories based on general relativity and quantum mechanics determine that the free will of an individual can only be seen as a pseudo choice.

Many essays in philosophy are trying to contradict this intuitively wrong view for intelligent life. It may be easy or it may be not, for the debate hinges on the driving force for the survival of the fittest. The more intelligent the individual the higher in hierarchy of the social group one may rise in the animal kingdom of human life. The definition of intelligence embraces the arts, music, writing, sciences etc. etc.

Maybe by slightly modifying the evolution theory and adapt it to the hypothesis of the conjugated quantum field of gravity, containing and maintaining all information in empty space driven by the weak vacuum then the concept of a clockwork universe driving the laws of nature can be cancelled and the idea of eternal creativity should replace it.

The eternal or infinite creativity as a fundamental issue driving our cosmos is more than an idea of all information stored in the quantum structure of empty space. It all depends how all information as a history of experiences is in relation to the unknown, the future of new experiences. Certainly the clockwork universes as such cannot be denied. It seems the outcome of all observations in the sciences.

So how can it be different and how can above contradiction be understood? The answer has to be in the binding of the Nothing, the creation from infinite contradicting possibilities, the balance of the Nothing.

In all its simplicity, if the creation of the clockwork universe is contained in the binding of the Nothing then still other infinite contradictions are available. It is absolute correct for it is contained and conserved in the Nothing. It is not some silly syllogism.

Maybe a following explanation offers help. Say all rational mathematic procedures to formulate all logics containing the infinite and its inverse are contained in the binding of the Nothing then the irrational or indefinable infinities have to be conserved in the binding. In other words outside the clockwork there exists something indefinable. It has to be the principle of infinity.

In accepting the principle of infinity driving beyond the clockwork of the laws of nature, it is not difficult to imagine the existence of the free will or the uniqueness of man. The metaphor of the prime integers belonging to the infinite series of natural numbers symbolizes the uniqueness of man up till infinity.

For the free will of man the freedom to choose cannot be without any consequences. In one extreme it means a sociopath or psychopath (or a group of) have free reign to destroy, while caring and love are the binding elements for humans opposing the extreme.

In consequence the meta physics of the principle of infinity is dualistic. Like the free will it contains opposing extremes. The Supreme Intelligence opposes Himself in the Creation Ex Nihilio. Still it is an infinite driving Force which can only be embraced in the clockwork of the laws of nature.

Comment: weak vacuum, pseudo gravitons, pseudo quantum gravity, pseudo vector neutrino vacuum and dark matter are all the same terms for the mediation between charged matter known to us and the empty space defined by Einstein’s general relativity theory as a geometric continuum. Over years of progressive understanding the terms were closing to a definitive point, the ‘vacuum’ around our matter mediated by pseudo vector electron neutrinos not sensitive to any photons.