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Adversity is up to the messenger

About fifty years ago Denaerde mentioned the possibility of the shift of Earth’s rotation axis ending the present-day world society. The potential of the Earth axis shift can be confirmed after thirty five years of trying to understand the physics of the pyramid model for the phase space of three dimensional time. The reasons are discussed in the First warning

Also fifty years ago the first scientific announcement of the changing climate was published in a paper known as the Club of Rome. Counteracting the progress in trying to minimise the effects of CO2 -expulsion in the atmosphere are highly disappointing. Many technical proposals to support the climate transition are available but the whole of the world community cannot make up their mind. Even with the good intentions of some world leaders, often for good reasons, because the gap between the poor and rich countries causes for historical reasons, why one cannot come to a more forward agreement.

The analyses of the pyramid model culminated in the weak gravity condition counteracting the scientific ideas of the creation of our cosmos as discussed here at this website. The possible existence of the ultrafast and ultra light mediating medium of dark matter carrying gravity generation seems to be totally against the grain of the theoretical physics community. Although Einstein’s concept of relativity with the fundamentals of quantum mechanics can be incorporated in this weak gravity theory which embraces also the formation of black holes. The fact that the force of gravity is about forty times smaller than the electromagnetic forces as the forces existing in empty space, answers in itself the weak gravity condition for matter as the paramount answer.

However in the scientific community of fundamental and astronomical physics there are so many options in all possible theories that it seems impossible the weak gravity condition will be prioritised with respect to the sometimes more fashionable accepted theories. And let us say even if the acceptance of this weak gravity theory occurs then it will likely take the same route as the climate transition taking ages before the divided world community takes the required actions to prevent and accept eventually the potential of a shift of the Earth’s rotation axis.

Perhaps it comes as a complete absurdity but it seems the only hope to prevent the calamity of human society is the immaterial announcement, (completion of the souls of humanity or the fulfilment of the race) and not internet driven, to force the urgency of the imminence of the Earth axis shift. An impact in that manner might help humanity to speed up the process of transitions for a stable peaceful world community.

Summarised beginning of 2024

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