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The universal story of Cain and Abel

Thanks by simply introducing a mediating medium of dark matter carrying the weak gravity condition of baron matter, the very outlook of our cosmos can change completely. Ref 1

Thank God the universe is understandable and not banished from God. Our existence, both as learning people and as humanity as a whole, is a 'Cain and Abel' story. The creation cycle of an intelligent race in our universe is decisive for this.

Abel, Jesus, the good Son accepts God's creation and undertakes to lead humanity and prepare it for the Union of the Spirit, ending it in the formation of a hollow black hole into which the disobedient Son, Cain, must withdraw with the group of people who reject God's Creation. Cain begins the long journey of a hundred thousand or million years which He himself has desired to spend therein. At that time He dominates (as a group) the subjugated humanity that no longer has a sense of self, like the 'animals of the field'. Together, during the formation of His Home, humanity has completed the Spirit of Truth so that eternal suffering has been avoided. The formation with the 'mind' of all people 99.99% for a hollow black hole of our solar/planetary system is only possible as a result of the weak gravity hypothesis. The individual people, so 99.99%, as completed souls with emotional experience who have accepted Jesus, go to Heaven. These are the interiors of the super massive black holes. Here they get to know the other races of Creation and travel instantly from our Milky Way to other galaxies with super massive black holes.

They, the heavenly entities, have an I-consciousness with the ability to return or dissolve at will to the all-encompassing God's Being, while some individuals form as a group to bring a new viable planet into intelligent life. Sometimes intelligent life from God's Being can arise spontaneously for a suitable star/planet system. Later this group will return to God?s Being. Cain, the disobedient, will also ultimately be accepted back in God's realm. This through the unification of Himself and the Spirit of humanity, the implosion of the black hole into the ultra-fast medium that carries the weak gravitational condition, God's Will or God's Being, the carrier.

By common sense the beings of Heaven have bodies of light and hardly consisting of matter while those in the smaller contracted solar black hole have bodies of matter, not having self awareness and to be reigned by ego beings using the evolved talents of mankind.

Ref 1: Genesis completed! The steady state qubit universes.

Ref 2: The reciprocal transformation between alpha and omega condition of the steady state universes and exercising the hollow super massive black holes.


Sumary of Ref 1 and Ref 2

The weak gravity condition dictates the existence of the universe completely different from The Big Bang as the sciences, our only true aid for understanding, let us believe. The release of all that energy in a short moment of time, inflationary period, of which even time has not yet been created, could not happen actually or at least seems to be highly unlikely.

The asymmetric creation from the Nothing by unified intelligences foresaw a different approach laid down a priori. They realized the existence and accompanying mathematics of the natural integer compromised in the theory of group symmetry in all its glory of which the Monster number was preserved for the indestructible dark matter, consisting of pseudo vector components of different nature. In that manner dark matter is indestructible as the basic ingredient belonging to the group symmetric axioms. (The Nothing defined as infinite opposing possibilities)

Although the overall energy of the universes closely complies to the Monster number, the release of that amount of energy in a short while, randomly, seemed impossible. On the other hand bringing solely cubic symmetry as a basic constituent into existence, was denied. All other laws of mathematics could not be in agreement to Einstein’s concept of four space time geometry and the Maxwell’s laws of electromagnetism. Namely the release of blocks (vectors) of indestructible dark matter determined that an equal amount of electromagnetic energy as counter balance was induced dictating the possibility of emptiness in four dimensionaltime space. A compromise was needed, the gradual release of lumps of dark matter into Einsteinian emptiness still having the onset of zero dimensions. These lumps directly converting by induction into the required electromagnetic energy. These are the super massive white radiators, WR, gradually turning over in super massive black holes, BH, which are in equilibrium to the surrounding star matter in the nucleus of the galaxies. (atomic or baron matter not only in stars is also composed from dark matter cells).

The Ref 1 and Ref 2 show the scaling calculations coming from the compromise between united intelligences giving us the conjecture that dark matter in all its symmetries is an enclosed perpetual cycle in itself, governed by the Monster number which is an integer and therefore dark matter is indestructible. It is the electromagnetic energy of all possible wavelengths which generated the induction for only two absolute stable particles, the proton and the electron also existing as anti particles and the conjugated equivalent, the symmetric swap of electric charge, not giving the anti state but as a consequence related to the intermediate ultra fast and ultra light pseudo vector medium of dark matter. The medium consists of pseudo e-neutrinos which is not the same as both kinds of e-neutrinos (anti) at c-velocity. In fact there are four kind of pseudo e-neutrinos. Internally the proton and electron, defined in the theory of four kinds, are internally dynamic resonance states of pseudo vector cells of dark matter executing a time sequence string of binary steps. The binary strings are indirectly the consequence of the sequential release of the equal super massive WR every hour in time having an event horizon accordingly. It means that introducing the number of calculated galaxies generate the age of the universe to be much higher than the actual observed and calculated one. In Ref 2 this is exercised and explained by supposition that the time sequence of release can be broken down by the cubic symmetry state of three dimensional space, the cubic root scaling.

Our cosmos is ageless and dynamic steady state between light, electromagnetic, and dark matter energy although the Monster number determines the cycle time of 13.75 billion years giving the age and the size of the universe by light years. This determines the repetitive cycle and only due to the existence of the electromagnetic Planck length, time is departed from the equal cycle condition. Namely Planck length gives the deviation as a closing error to the dark matter state of the cycle through which creativity and time become eternal. So the number of cycles is nearly impossible to determine. On the other hand the appearance of inertia matter contained in stars and planets plus the outlook of the galaxies, cannot change too much because let us say only 4 to 5% baron matter is frozen into dark matter, the steady state cycle is eternal continuous. Note that the Hubble's constant of the red shift between galaxies having velocities flying away from us, complies to the sequence in release of the super massive WR's.

The infinity of time and the agelessness of our cosmos means the universes cannot deteriorate or asymptotically dissolve into a state that all inertia matter is consumed in black holes of degenerated dark matter. It are supposed to be the intelligent smaller black holes, only possible due to the weak gravity condition, lasting up to hundred or a million years that will keep our cosmos ageless. Further the dynamic steady state is also a consequence of the mediating medium between baron matter, galaxies stars, subjected overall to the inherent acceleration of the medium to time, gravity which is in equilibrium to the centripetal force due to the overall rotation of the medium behaving like a flywheel. The steady state also means that the initial or alpha condition for the universe contains simultaneously the end or omega condition. In other words what we observe as present-day is the future giving the final release of the super massive WR converting into a galaxy generating the baron matter equilibrium into the super massive BH. So one looks at the future birth of a galaxy, all due to the supposition that these WR's are released in time sequence seemingly longer than the age of the universe. It is in contrast to the Big Bang as a short moment in time of creation.

The super massive WR comes into being with one hour, but it reaches the equilibrium stateof a BH in say 8766 hrs (size, light yrs) which is defined as the reciprocal transformation for empty three dimensional space. It is a difficult concept to explain but it seems from the point of view of group symmetry, it is correct. There is a 'sudden' jump where dark matter contracts into atoms while simultaneously empty space driven by the ultra fast mediating medium of dark matter expands. (8766 = 24 hrs x 365.25 dd )See also par 5 of Ref 1.

The weak gravity condition condition contrary to present-day understanding of gravity, means that by the unification of the minds of individual persons a black hole can be created in which intelligent life can exist. Although the 'hollow black hole' due to the collapse of the solar system does not contract to the size of event horizon of the sun but the dynamic coherent degeneration of atoms constitutes a similar state of matter as that for the eternal super massive BH and the size can be that of the planet in which the intelligent race resides. It is expected that with a mind power of about 5 watts per kg matter for an individual, the resonance state of collapse can be reached collectively. (16 to 20 billion people including the dead as the final number of people).

See,Pilot experiment gravitational levitation, is the proof for the existence of the weak gravity condition.


Some time ago in our cosmos scientists operating the modern telescopes discovered a super massive black hole with a macro mass of a whole galaxy, about ten billion times the mass of the sun. God's house of united creation is probably the single largest black hole from which the universes came into being, one single one per universe. It is the a priori unification of opposing intelligences that put the wheel of eternity in rotation, actually literally. After that, let us say 24 hours or one hour the unification ceased to exist. Why, because one hour is about the radius of an event horizon of such galaxy black hole. However 24 hours is also the seventhth day of rest for the unification of minds. Because Ref 1: 24 x 7 = 168 hrs or 24 x 6 x sq r(4/3) = 27.7128 x 6 close to 168 hrs, while six is the time sequence for the paired opposing time axes of the birth of the early universes of one hour, simultaneously the ultra fast and ultra light dark matter mediating medium was generated with a maximum momentum of half times the velocity of light. Relativity of mass m/mo = square root(4/3) = 1 /sq r{1 - (beta)pow(2)} with beta = the maximum velocity of (1/2)c for the ultra fast dark matter medium.

Common sense dictates that to create the universes the physical presence of the united minds should come into being. It is just the poor mind of physicist that cannot imagine otherwise. You begin somewhere in zero state, the separation of opposing times. So the unification created a physical place, we can guess now, a hollow place protected to the outside, from which they observed with their exceptional intelligence the progress of time, based on their knowledge of the theory of group symmetry and all other mathematical possibilities. So God's house of united creation seems to be originally an observation platform, for one hour or perhaps 24hrs, but it can still be used as a meeting place of all Heavens (the super massive hollow black holes) of the intelligent races anywhere in our cosmos. (Teleportation by thought instantly)

Thus in the light of eternity of the ageless cosmos, the cycle of intelligent races can exist. However why are the universes or the eternal cosmos based on mathematic principles? The reason and the only reason seems to be that both incorporated "Poles" of absolute dominance and altruistic care and 'Both' are inherently instilled in any intelligent race. Only neutrality of the mathematical principles were acceptable for these opposing "Poles". "Poles" metaphorically used, more defined as leading principles.


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