One does not need God's proof in physics as an issue for the discussion. The religious God's proof of Denaerde (see Proof-document) is more transcendental and difficult to read, but it really seems the best and most formal way for this purpose. In a way the religious God's proof is a reversed version of the one of physics. Both take the creation from the nothing (ex nihilo) as the onset of the proof, but the one of physics begins from the concepts of our reality such as the existence as space, time and matter. Then from the nothing infinity has to be defined. The symmetry of the nothing as the infinite possibilities of opposing forces or emotions of infinite is defined and the overall balance of it all should be the nothing. Now one may doubt this hypothesis, but may be it is possible in the near future for mathematicians to prove this statement by classifying all possible logic or mathematical languages, then containing the zero as the infinite small as also the infinite big and even including the infinities that are not expressible in a mathematical sense.

To continue in the simple terms of the layman for the nonreligious person, the religious God's proof simply states in the end, that mind over matter is the fundamental force (the willpower to express oneself) in the universe. So God as a duality of opposite intentions transformed Himself, in fact, by the power of the Word and in six steps of transformation (Possibly symbolised as the five infinity transformations with the sixth one as the creation ex nihilo). This process of transformation included the twelve aspects of the character of the Love pole embracing each universe as a unique and therefore different aspect of the alruistic God's Love (the twelve universes). It is opposite to the equal nearly infinitely powerful force of darkness from within. This pole from within is right now matter bound and it has always the same character and it does not seem to distinct Himself in any of the universes.

As it was said, we as individuals and all people everywhere in this cosmos, were present as tiny fractions of consciousness, when the blocking of the Nothing happened. It means also that the Father transformed all his consciousness, creativity and powers to his Son (as a duality), which is us again, but we are not yet knowing and evolving to be awoken. Why it is not the Mother to her Daughter is a question, but all beings in Heaven are without gender and so sex does not exist. Any star system carrying intelligent life, receives the Q-conscious of this universe, the universal principle of altruistic love of Christ or the Son and all matter in this cosmos is nothing but the frozen potential of consciousness, similarly and conform the ideas of Teilhard du Chardin.

The first conscious entities in the beginning of time after the creation of the universe became aware of themselves as individuals without any memory of the past process of transformation. Each had its own unique speciality or fragment of the creativity and the powers of his Creator, which are called the ten thousand talents. These talents possessed all unique creativity, potential to emotions and knowledge of the entire universe. Here the principle of the conservation of talents is maintained in all nowadays evolving intelligent races. The first personalities expressed themselves in matter, not only creating their bodies, but playing with it to learn their unique qualities. Moreover very often the creative expressions of the one were the opposite of the other. It led to the first quarrels, arguments and destructions. They were powerful entities, because they had access to all destructive powers contained in matter by the laws of nature.

The next step is more difficult to grasp, for it seems not too logic. The first entities became individuals and selfish and borrowed in fact from the ego-talent of Lucifer, the opposite pole of Love. Thus then, suddenly, Lucifer created himself to retrieve what was borrowed from him. The procedure of retrieval was not easy or painless. He was the absolute and strict ruler, who wanted to dominate the others (talents) and he required absolute obedience, even with respect to the most senseless acts, although he maintained honest and fair justice. He manifested himself to his own chosen goal, hardly understandable to the others, not wishing to be pan of this universe or the eternity of Heaven. He reached his goal after establishing the unconditional obedience and love for his person. It led to the formation of the first black mirror in the twelve universes simultaneously and the separation between the two kinds of matter (conjugated matter and normal matter), then creating heaven of the present-day cosmos. Heaven was established (conjugated gravity, see pyramid model or overview) and withdrawn from direct observation with any material instruments, including us living matter beings.

In the strict sense, our believe in the potential of the expression of willpower of the mind over matter, or the reversed matter over mind, is a reflection from the two great principles working with respect to eternity, the principle of divergence and the principle of convergence. The principle of divergence is more or less valid for the intelligent race evolving from matter on a life carrying planet orbiting around a star, in all its diversity of the smallest fractions of collective consciousness, just enough to have the potential of awareness of the existence of their Creator. The principle of convergence is mainly for heaven and it is separated from the world of matter. Here the convergence of the tiny fractions of conscious convert by the merging of minds. Then they become wholesome complete characters, not any longer scarred by social diversity or matter inheritance and individual suffering. People from the early existence with the same affinity to each other merge into one individual. Then it seems senseless to separate again into the two previous beings. So it works in one direction only. A final person may be composed in the end of two or five hundred individuals with respect to the originals of the matter life. In fact all bodily functions, such as pain, illness, feeling of well being, hunger or thirst or sex, do not exist any longer, except for the memory of the existence of these feelings or emotions, but after awhile one is above it all, for one is able to mould matter by mind in any way one wishes. Keep in mind that there seems to be a state of transition for mind over matter. It is the period for the race (not to be created by a single person) before the entrance to or the creation of heaven, that one possesses still some form of a body of matter.

Closely associated with the principle of divergence is the concept that all matter belonging to the observable world, belongs to the opposite pole of Love, in which it has withdrawn. Matter also has the potential of creating intelligent live, which is distributed at random throughout our cosmos. One of the jobs for the final characters of heaven is to hunt down the life carrying planets and seed these with the heavenly ten thousands of talents. It is the predestination programming, the mixing of the talents attuned to the special conditions and incorporated in the collective consciousness of the evolving race. Unconscious and collective fields of energy of all knowledge, because the individuals to be born, tap according to their abilities from both spheres during their matter lives. They express themselves in creativity in positive as in negative sense. So mostly during their lives people are mixtures of good and bad. Although under certain planetary conditions there seems to be a pressure in the direction to people being strong and overpowering and highly individual. The exi-spheres of these two collective spirits of the poles of love (altruism and egoism), one interlocked to matter and the other one immaterial and contained as a reflection manifestation to matter, are omnipotent. Or better, in a certain stage of evolution the expression of wills of the individuals makes them eternal powerful and death does not need to exist any longer. So there is a moment in the evolution of the race that the cycle of birth and death may cease to be. How this happens is always different and depending on the circumstances of the conditions of life at these planets. In short, after a number of individuals have lived their life or souls have incarnated in matter, the race becomes omnipotent. In the short period before the End of the World, the expression of life into matter is not needed any longer, the number for the all might manifestation of eternal life has been reached. It is a general pattern of development for every intelligent race. The question, more important to us, is how was the pre-programming arranged for Earth and for what reasons?

The main characteristic for Earth with respect to the other situations of the life carrying planets is on average that of highly individual people with an enormous drive for survival, because of the severe climatic conditions. It is an average, for there are some places on Earth with easy natural conditions (tropical habitats or island paradise conditions). In fact people have a natural tendency to disobedience to the higher Laws (God). This characteristic and build-in drive to dominate others are opposing forces. This could bring about the situation Qf eternal life much too early, then creating some form of hell, because of the dominance of individuals over the innocence and the weak, a possibility of eternal enslavement and suffering. This unavoidable mechanism in the conditions of evolution had to be prevented. It is the situation of allowing external intervention to the evolving race. It should always be a minimised effort, otherwise it prevents the free development of the race.

Sometimes this immaterial force, in the character of Yahweh (here for Earth) reveals himself in dreams to the individual. The character of Yahweh is that of a no-nonsense ruler, more a character to be afraid of than someone to love, but He had a task to fulfil, the steering of the race to the goal of reaching heaven under the condition of minimum suffering for the overall race. On average, with a life span of sixty years of life for many people under bad and sufferable conditions, lasting for five to ten thousand years for the overall civilisation. This should explain the act of the Deluge and the why of the Tower of Babel. Then later, the foundation and selection of a special group by Yahweh, was forced in obedience to Him; solely to be used to create the conditions of the absolute innocence (free of sins for so many generations), the immaterial conception of Maria, the Mother of Jesus; then the task of Jesus as the smallest fraction of absolute altruistic love of the heavenly Pole to withstand the equal powerful forces of Satan belonging to Earth. Jesus and his teachings were not well understood by his contemporaries, creating later the faction or Jews, who believe their Saviour will only come at Judgement Day; World's end. We know most of the rest of this history. It is properly recorded in the Bible. Then Jesus and Yahweh disappear. We arrive at the centuries of the little revelations. In fact Yahweh transformed himself through his Son. The development and incarnation of the souls could be left on its own to be awoken in the times to come. Good and bad are in equilibrium and cannot percolate or glide into a dangerous direction. During two thousand years, suffering, blood, wars and gore continued, but the rising of Satan too early was prevented.

One can understand the neutralisation of the two exi-spheres (good and bad), the spirit of the truth and the spirit of evil, as a prevention of the all-might manifestation. It seem that this situation can be maintained indefinitely, only then increasing the suffering. To discontinue this state and prevent the excessive suffering (except for the happy few) some further intervention is needed. It will be the period when the final number of incarnated souls is reached. The incarnation of souls can continue forever, but then it becomes the recycling of souls or the re-incarnation. Apparently this is the purpose of this message, the books of Denaerde, the warning what is going to happen. The message is that the all-might manifestation of the race will soon happen, its critical mass has been reached and ultimately the appearance of the anti-Christ (without Christ, as a consequence of the early divine interventions) in his full frightening glory (omni-potent) shall come. His goal is to take what is His, bringing havoc and misery for billions. This coming period is nothing new, for it is predicted by all the major religions.

Thus there are according to this briefing at least two external interventions in the evolution of the race of Earth. Firstly, it is the mixing of the Gods, the Talents, descending from Heaven, with the biologic beings on Earth. It probably changed and increased the brain capacity of these primates and attuned it properly to the heavenly quantum fields. Secondly, the coming intervention integrating the absolute knowledge for the final stage of the race followed by the appearance of the Anti-Christ and it cohorts. Apparently he has an allottedtime period of a few years, it is known as Judgement Day and it is the separation of the race into 'good and bad' by Him. Hardly any control is possible and waves of all-might manifestation are to be experienced. The waves manifest themselves as waves of terror or collective irrational fear. In the end it will shift the rotation axis of Earth to its new already known position (not known to humans as yet). It is a potential already present in our solar system. The collective mind power surges are experienced by individuals as terror, because one is not educated to handle these experiences. Only a few powerful minds of special personalies (about a million) will be able to control these waves (Satan and his chosen ones, and the chosen ones by Christ (the Spirit of Truth), but not Jesus himself, for He will only appear after Judgement Day; all according to Denaerde). These groups of personalities are equal in the powers of the mind, but are opposite in character and their intentions.

As is mentioned in the Bible, Jesus with his flock of chosen ones, selected during the period preceding Worlds End, will have his kingdom of thousand years reigm here on Earth. Meaning not in heaven, but with people having bodies of matter and shared with a few selected people erected from death. After the rescue of a few million of living by a fleet from heaven, preventing the rise of billions, either already dead or in catatonic state, the shaking of the world globe takes place, almost all flora and mammal life. The heavenly intervention will put an end to the reign of the Anti-Christ.

After approximate one thousand years, as foretold, the rise of all in the human race will happen (the great resurrection, including Satan and his chosen ones), which is new. Here in a bird's eye view, the postulate of the predestination and goal of the human race seen from the perspective of eternity. Nearly most of the key data were predicted in the religious books, only the interpretation and the explanation of dogmas is somewhat different. In my view the Denaerde's teachings are a powerful explanation and can be only partly confirmed with the new physics theory of the cosmic fields governing the laws of our universe. Again the origins and basic concepts of the pyramid model belong to his teaching. It is all very well to state the scheme of evolution for the intelligent race Earth, but the reasons why it should be like this are perhaps still obscure. It certainly is complicated. The reason might be that because one is not used to think in terms of eternity and in terms of absolution of debts. The absolution of the debts, may be better defined as little parcels of emotions (being guilty of ones actions; quanta of immaterial energy), these are the exchanges of affinity between the extremes of the two Poles. Whatever the mixing and complication of social patterns between a race are, it is always possible to sort out in the end the balance of debts to be paid to one of the Poles. It is the principle of the universal cosmic law of justice, ruling all intelligent life in our cosmos. The principle of absolute justice is for once easy to understand, for it is a direct consequence of the creation out of the Nothing, maintaining the symmetry of opposing forces of entities and emotions. Thus any external intervention should be weighted on the balance of debts to be paid by the interfering party. It is also a reason to minimise the interventions and leave the race alone (the situation of hands off). In case no intervention had taken place (Christ was not born too and he appeared at the end with his opposite number, our race had become almighty and dominated and overpowered. It is the enslavement of Christ and his chosen ones, mainly the personalities of the Spirit of Truth. For the absolute altruistic love there exists no defense against the intensions of the other pole. Many people should lose their souls (in fact creative beings) eternally and turned into slaves without will. Again Heaven, being the pole of love, should interfere, but too brutal and the restoration should be far more catastrophic, because only a much more reduced group of individuals should be able to enter Heaven. Perhaps even that may be impossible, because the group had not enough power to format the black-mirror. So loss of souls eternally, an absolute unacceptable debt to be paid by Heaven. Since Heaven learned and knows God's ways, they are allowed to interfere under the law of cosmic justice.

The too early separation of souls from matter is something totally new. The souls of people can be separated permanently or temporarily (death) from their material bodies, for they are not yet final personalities, because they do not possess the knowledge and the will power of the final personalities. Apparently it is a waste, for the wounded souls are permanently damaged. Contrary to animal and plant life, which one may say has also a soul (a complex immaterial quantum field), but it is not a soul of a unique individual, but it is the soul or quantum field of the sort. Evidently, by the presence of Heaven two thousand years ago, at the moment when Jesus was nailed to the cross, just enough debts had been paid by Heaven to save all our souls (at least 99.9 percent or more). At that event all of Heaven were involved and nailed to the cross. Not only the tiny body and corresponding pinprick of the unique talent of Jesus, but all of Heaven was suffering for us. It shows our complete ignorance, which is not our fault.


In a way the parable of the 'lost son' may be a too simple approach to serve as an overview of God's complex creation of our universe, but it is still useful as comparison. The first generation consciousness came into being in the early universe (there were still two kinds of matter) and had the powers of mind over body (omnipotent), but they had no memory of the past, the blocking of the nothing. In fact they were the ten thousand talents, biblically speaking of creativity and according to Denaerde, closer to 144000 or two hundred thousand fundamental characters of creativity in intelligence and emotion (remember the law of conservation of all knowledge. So the first generation consciousness separated itself in about two hundred thousand individuals or entities of intelligence and creativity, the first gods. Their final goal, although they did not know it, was the unification to their Creator, the Divine principle of duality, inherently present in our cosmos, resulting in the separation of Heaven and Hell (matter world), the creation of the first black mirror.

The lost Sons are all evolving intelligent races, coming into consciousness, in our present-day universe, created at random through matter of the star-planet system. It is the potential in the diversity of matter, by which the intelligent race evolves without memory of its origins. So every race is unique in its experience of coming back home, to the Father or Heaven and all races are equipped in potency with the same overall talents to reach their destination, becoming omnipotent and finally resulting in the formation of the black mirror. According to Denaerde, the duality of God's Creation, translates into two extremes as driving forces in the race, the love talents or poles, mentioned previously. Apparently, in short, the individuals of the race become compromised, during their life cycle by the two extremes (the principle of Christ and Anti-Christ), in their deeds and actions and sometimes unintentionally (conditions of life) causing the opposite, i.e. misery and suffering etc.. During the evolution the race becomes gradually or suddenly all-knowledgeable, omnipotent (nobody can die any longer), the all-might manifestation. So in all evolving races the confrontation between the two extremes has to come during a certain stage in the evolution cycle. Then there are many variations possible in timing of the confrontation. For most races it is at the end of the evolution, the formation of the black mirror.

Having grasped something of the goal incorporated inherently in the evolving race, it is easy to classify the three main characteristics of evolution:

1. The races who live according to God's law.

2. The ones living according to marginal obedience.

3. The races who live partly in disobedience.

They all start their cycles according to the state of paradise, the natural harmony. It depends on the planetary conditions how the race evolves with respect to the three distinctions in obedience. Point 1 and 2 are the closed evolving races with no interference from Heaven and acc.to Denaerde, they develop space travelling during their material existence. Sometimes rescue attempts for all three categories are necessary, in case a major celestial catastrophe should happen during the evolution of the race. Point 3 is us and then as already is mentioned, the exceptional measures of minimum interference are needed to bring the race home, resulting in the period of thousand years reign of Jesus, His Kingdom to come, which does not happen in point 1 and 2.

Another feature in the evolution is the seeding of the talents in the potential star system for intelligent life. Apparently, Heaven descends to Earth to plant the goal and its talents, and adjust it to the planetary conditions. According to Denaerde, at least three different heavenly races were involved, the distinction in skin colour and different cultural origins of the major religions or philosophies (Chinese culture). The seeding of the closed cycles is probably spontaneous and inherent for the present-day matter, the immaterial inducement of the conjugated gravity into matter.

It is clear that the range for intelligent life is much greater than based on the assessment of our ideas about biologic life here on Earth. A very coarse result for the presence of intelligent life is one habitual planet per galaxy. A galaxy consists of one to ten billion stars and there are one to hundred billion galaxies in our universe. More likely is that there are five to fifty races per galaxy, because one, the planet and the star formation is attuned to a resonance principle of all matter (the theory of the resonance string model) and secondly, the range for the chemical options of the DNA-type coding is much more extended than we are expecting (i.e. green blood based races in comparison to red blood etc. etc.).